Wednesday, December 21, 2022

My Christmas Eve Kitty

Ten years ago, this Christmas Eve, I was finally able to capture the feral kitten I had been feeding for three months.  A thunderstorm was forecast along with a nighttime low that would have been miserable.  I was determined to get that kitten inside no matter what!  Luck was on my side because his curiosity about the holiday cooking aromas enticed him inside and I was able to close the door.

That precious tuxedo cat was so scared that he opened the cabinet door under the kitchen sink and hid there.  I kept hearing a tiny meow and realized that he wasn't really *that* scared and wanted me to know where he was.

All this time, we thought that *he* was a *she* and got quite the surprise when we found out that Olive was a boy cat.  After hiding under the kitchen sink on Christmas Eve, only one name suited him.  He was named after the character, Randy, in A Christmas Story.

Here's my boy:

Every year I think about how he has been my most precious gift.  =^..^=

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Musical Time Capsule From 1974

KMart was known for having what they referred to as KMart radio.  In reality, it was tapes that combined store announcements with music and played on a loop.  The company, Tape-A-Thon made those compilations and has digital audio files of the preserved December 1974 KMart Radio reel to reel tape.

I was only a child but it still takes me back.  I need only the smell of waxy bayberry candles and chocolate covered cherries and I'm suddenly back Christmas shopping with my mom.

The country was in turmoil but KMart tried to provide the moms a soothing soundtrack to get them in the mood for shopping.  Those classics often dated to when they were children and likely provided the needed nostalgia. 

Now, where are those chocolate covered cherries...

Monday, December 12, 2022

I've Opened an Outlet For All Those Extras

 Anyone who has sold jewelry at markets, festivals, or in galleries has ended up with leftovers from previous collections or jewelry that got laid back or temporarily misplaced.  I never knew what to do with those items.  Some of these extras are items I made during blog hops a zillion years ago or are prototypes.  All are quality jewelry and need to find homes. 

Their new venue will be Libellula Jewelry™ OutletPrices are cut with the intention of giving buyers handmade jewelry at nice prices while helping me clear out older stock.  The shop currently has only five items but will be fully stocked after the new year.  I need time for all the photography.

If you saw something at a market, festival, or gallery years ago and thought you missed your chance, it might end up in the outlet.  New items will be added as frequently as items sell.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

New, Colorful Anodized Earrings Added to


What do bird feathers, butterfly wings, and anodized niobium all have in common?  They all get their vibrant colors from interference colors.  Interference colors are created when nanostructures on feathers, butterfly wings, or even the niobium oxide layer on anodized niobium alter the reflective properties of the light.  Think of looking through a clear glass prism and seeing a rainbow.  That's a bit of a simplification; but, it's close.

The niobium oxide layer forms when niobium is subjected to electrical current while being anodized.  That layer causes the light to reflect and refract in ways that to our eyes, creates vibrant colors.  The beautiful colors created are all structural meaning that no pigments are involved.  This layer is very durable and never needs to be polished.  Simply store your jewelry away from other jewelry that might scratch it and it will provide years of enjoyment!