Sunday, April 29, 2012

Online Auction!

Thanks again to everyone who donated money to help my friend and fellow classmate, Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos, raise the money for her entry fee for Labo Ethnik in Paris!

I am now hoping to help her raise some money to cover her airfare.  So, I've got a pair of earrings that I made which are being auctioned right here, on this blog.  100% of the money raised will be given to Douriean to help pay for her ticket.  I'm going to let this auction run until May 12th to give everyone time to bid. 

A message from Douriean from her Tumblr:

Libellula Jewelry:  Roma-inspired Gypsy hammered copper & Czech glass earrings
  Bohemian, Gypsy-Inspired Copper Earrings with Faceted Czech glass beads

These earrings are solid copper with faceted, Picasso finish Czech glass beads.  I made these from copper washers which I filed, sanded, hammered, drilled, and tumble polished.  The headpins and ear wires were made by torch balling 20 gauge copper wire which I then pickled, hammered, and tumble polished.  I hate to make jump rings so, my husband made them for me from 18 and 20 gauge copper wire which he then tumble polished.  The earrings were assembled, treated with liver of sulphur, polished, and sealed with Renaissance Wax.  The earrings hang a total of 1 3/8 inches or 3.5 cm.

The starting bid for these earrings is $20 and shipping will be included in the winning bid.  Please leave your bids in the comments section and be sure that you also include your email address so that I can contact the winning bidder.  Thank you!

  International bids are welcome! 

Thank you to all who bid on these earrings!  Every little bit counts and will help a very deserving and talented young woman reach her goal of traveling to Paris to show her work. Labo Ethnik  is a venue very well-suited to her beautiful, ethnic style.

Video is in French

If you are not able to bid but would like to help, I would greatly appreciate mentions on other blogs, Facebook, tweets, and having this auction pinned on Pinterest.  Please feel free to advertise this auction anywhere and everywhere!  I am grateful for any help you provide :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back From Nashville

I got back yesterday but had to take a day to recover.  Four straight days of eight hour classes tends to make me sore in places that I didn't even know I could get sore--especially just sitting there!  And, oh, that drive home...

Now, let's talk about craft and art...
I was recently told that jewelry design and construction is not art but rather that it is a craft.  That stung a bit because it was said by a musician who clearly believes that his work is indeed within the realm of art.  His wife is undeniably an artist though some of her work could technically fall into some of the categories that "artists" like to downplay as "craft".  So, all of that got me thinking about what I think defines the two or whether I even think there is a difference.

When I think of the term "craft", I immediately think of the type of work that children do at pre-school or kindergarten class--not their delightful paintings but rather the types of guided tasks that they must follow such as gluing macaroni noodles to cardboard shapes.  I think of the tasks where they must follow directions and aren't really given much room for personal creativity.  Maybe the following directions and lack of personal creativity are at the crux of it.  Craft kits with rigid instructions come to mind when I visualize "craft".  I have a feeling that some of those children really wanted to be allowed to show their own creative bent and grew up to be the artists who have glued tiny beads or even candies to form amazing portraits, etc. that when viewed from a distance appear to be paintings.

The broad term "art" (in my mind) seems to encompass so many incredibly varied forms.  I think musicians, composers, quilters & others who work in fiber, those who work in glass, metalsmiths, leatherworkers, beaders, authors, poets, chefs, architects, potters, fashion designers, dancers, and a list of others too long to list really should be considered artists along with those more readily accepted as artists such as painters and sculptors.  I do not agree with a commonly held belief that functional works cannot be art nor do I believe that art must come from someone who held that ability innately or one who had to be trained.  I think that artists come by their abilities in a variety of ways and that his/her individual path is important only in that it has helped form that individual's artistic sensibilities and the direction that his/her artform takes.

Now that you know how I feel, what do you think?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coffee Talk

I'll give you a topic:  What is art and what is craft and is there a distinction (and why)?  Talk amongst yourselves...  (No; I'm not verklempt or Linda Richman.  I just thought I'd give you something to do while I'm out of town!)

I'll give you my take on it when I get back from Nashville where I'll be taking some PMC classes with Teva Chaffin.  I'm off to learn about how to give my work color in non-enamel ways (BTW, I loved the enameling class), to take my Level II Certification class, and to learn how to make photopolymer plates.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The show...

did not have as large of a turn-out as I had hoped.  I think it was just too hard for music fans to pull themselves away from all the free music in the Quarter (French Quarter Festival).  It's understandable because it's a huge amount of free music without the Jazzfest ticket prices.

April 2012 New Orleans School of Metalsmithing student show

I didn't sell anything during this show but I know my work was well-accented by my beautiful, custom earring display I commissioned from David Bergeron .  And, thanks again, David for the great business card display box!

Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver:  Apr 2012 New Orleans School of Metalsmithing

I was very impressed with my classmates' work.  Everyone's work was so varied, well-planned, and well-executed.

Thanks, Steven for being a great teacher!  You are the best :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Ready For The Show!

Update:  None of these items sold at the show and are all available.  I don't have time (right now)  to list them on Etsy so, please email me if you're interested.  Silver w/ Biggs jasper:  $240, Copper w/ Biggs jasper $170, and silver w/ porcelain cabochon:  $220.

I've finished my last three necklaces for the show.  The only thing that remains is attaching the little "Cicada Silver" tags (made from PMC) to the two silver necklaces.

Cicada Silver & Libellula Jewelry:  Bezel set Biggs jasper necklaces
Left:  Biggs jasper with sterling silver & agate beads
Right:  Biggs jasper with copper & Czech glass beads

Necklaces by Cicada Silver & Libellula Jewelry
Reverse of pendants
Right:  Copper was imprinted with the image of a bodhi leaf

Cicada Silver sterling silver & porcelain cabochon beaded necklace
Handmade "Four Winds" porcelain cabochon by Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker of
I bezel set the cabochon in sterling silver and made the chain with sterling silver wire and Czech glass & Thai Hill Tribe silver beads

All items can be reserved before the show by emailing me.  Thanks!

I've been featured...

on!  I feel so honored.

If you are a crafter and would like to be featured, be sure to check out this link:  Mandie has a wonderful blog!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Orleans School of Metalsmithing Spring Show & Sale

The Spring show & sale is at the studio in Faubourg Marigny (Marigny rectangle) right next door to the 24-hour grocery, Mardi Gras Zone.  The show is during the same weekend as French Quarter Fest.  And, here's a link to a fabulous blog post with pretty much all the info you could need if you're planning to attend FQF:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Limpet Earrings Were Included In A Lovely Treasury

Doesn't this treasury make you want a seaside holiday?

I made these from PMC using a mold that I made from a Barbados limpet. I found that shell on the beach during a trip to the Bahamas when I was seven years old!  Keyhole limpets have always been one of my favorite types of seashells.

PMC fine silver limpet as bead cap designed by Libellula Jewelry

Many thanks to Lesley for including my earrings!

Friday, April 6, 2012

More Items Finished For The Upcoming Show...

designs by Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver

Update:   Brass & Czech glass "Gypsy" earrings:  $45, Copper & Picture jasper necklace:  $ 85, Owyhee jasper & silver ring:  $95, Mixed Cu  & Ag w/ "turquoise":  $125.
Hammered brass & bronze "Gypsy" earrings, Biggs jasper & sterling silver ring, Owyhee jasper and copper pendant on copper chain with agate beads, and mixed metals necklace in sterling silver & copper with Czech glass beads and faux turquoise (either dyed howlite or magnesite)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Congratulations to Kathy Johnson of The Bronze Flower!

Kathy's shop has been chosen as the Advertising and Promotion Team's Treasured Shop of the Week #11.

etched copper cuff by Kathy Johnson
Etched Copper Cuff

"Metal, fire, glass and hammers, oh my!"
Kathy has always been creative and always enjoyed making handmade gifts for friends.  She figured that jewelry was a good choice.  "Jewelry... you can never have enough and who doesn’t love jewelry."  Kathy's "pieces are handmade, unique and range from everyday to special occasion."  And she is "inspired to continue expanding [her] skills and sharing [her] jewelry with others." 
Please check out Kathy's shop.  She has a wonderful assortment of etched and hammered jewelry.  You're sure to find something that you'll love!