Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kiosks at the Outlets of MS

The Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi worked with the MS Development Authority to secure a 1,400 square foot space in the new Outlets of MS in Pearl.  The satellite gallery is housed inside the visitor services office which is located in a great corner space.  They also have five unmanned kiosks located throughout the outlet showcasing the wares of artists from five distinct areas of MS.

My husband and I visited the outlet while we were in MS for a guild meeting and were very pleasantly surprised.  The gallery space seemed larger and the displays are very nicely done.  The kiosks are adorable.  I only wish that the light had been more conducive to photography that afternoon. 

Craftsmen's Guild of MS_Outlets of MS Satellite Gallery

Capital River Region Kiosk_Craftsmen's Guild of MS

Coastal Region Kiosk_Craftsmen's Guild of MS

Delta Region_Craftsmen's Guild of MS

Hills Region Kiosk_Craftsmen's Guild of MS

Pines Region Kiosk_Craftsmen's Guild of MS

Other states should consider emulating their idea with outlets in touristy areas showcasing the work of local artisans and traditional craftsmen.  If you're going to be in the Ridgeland/Jackson/Pearl MS area, please consider visiting the MS Craft Center and the gallery at the outlet mall.  You're sure to find lots of beautiful, handmade treasures!

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