Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Better Late Than Never...

Bayou Boogaloo was a whole month ago and it was great!  I had expected the weather to be insanely hot and humid.  Previous festivals were scorchers but we were blessed with sunny skies, lovely white clouds, and daily temperatures no higher than 81º.  The great weather meant that lots of people came out for the music, food, and art.  I would not be surprised if attendance exceeded the pre-festival estimate.

Stress has been making my neck and shoulders ache so, I wasn't feeling great the first evening but I felt better and better as the weekend progressed.  Other than my aches and pains and a certain little *dog who decided to hike his leg and scent mark one of my newly finished linen table skirts, it was a very nice weekend.

I saw lots of friends and repeat customers--gotta love that!  My customers' purchases also confirmed for me that you can never anticipate what will be popular during any given show.  Very few new pieces of jewelry were purchased but my customers did seem determined to help me clear out a lot of old stock.  That was a welcome surprise.  I get sick of seeing the same items from market to market and festival to festival and feel like customers are bound of be sick of seeing certain pieces over and over again.  Thank goodness for my new customers who saw everything as "new".

Several months back, I purchased window panels that match my green tablecloths with the intention of hanging them in front of the back canopy wall.  I'd never gotten around to using them because my last few markets were all during very muddy, rainy weather.  I think they were a hit because I got a lot of positive feedback from customers, fellow vendors, and festival officials.  I'm now determined to get panels for the remaining two sides, as well.  It should look good and also provide a bit more insulation during cold weather markets and an additional plus is that they'll cover the the other cambuckle straps which are so glaringly neon orange.  The question is whether I should use green for all three sides or stick to using only turquoise on the side where my Cicada Silver items are displayed.  Any suggestions?

Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver Tent_Bayou Booglaoo 2014
 Set-up starting to look a bit bedraggled from heat, humidity, and diminishing stock

I was busy with customers and didn't have an opportunity to watch the rubber duck derby but a video was posted to YouTube.  It was taken using a camera mounted on a drone and provides a really good aerial vantage point.  I wonder how much money was raised for Second Harvest NOLA?

My husband and I stopped in Fairhope AL on our drive back to FL because we've been wanting to give the Fairhope Brewing Company a try.  They offer pints and 6 oz. samples and we shared four samples:  Mamasbier (Belgian Single), I Drink Therefore I Amber (American Amber), Rescue Dog Red Ale (Imperial Red), and Painted Black IPA (Black IPA).  The Mamasbier and IDTI Amber were both very good beers but the Rescue Dog Red Ale and Painted Black IPA were our favorites.  I've had better Black IPAs but I've never had a better Imperial Red.  Fairhope Brewing Co. has  only been open a little more than a year but the Rescue Dog Red Ale is seriously on par with some of Abita's best.  I look forward to future visits and a time when their distribution area expands into the panhandle. 

*Back to that little dog...Does anyone have any ideas on how to deter dogs from urinating on tablecloths/skirting?  I treated the table skirt with a pet urine remover so that future dogs won't smell where the other dog marked it but I'd like to prevent it from happening to the other skirts, too.  I really don't think this is an infrequent occurrence because I saw it happen at Freret Market and an additional time while out at Bayou Boogaloo.  That time, the dog aimed and (thankfully!) missed the woman's tablecloth.

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