Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last Weekend

My husband and I were at Freret Market last Saturday.  The weather was beautiful which brought out a lot of people who came to enjoy the sun and music but most were not there to shop.  I talked with many vendors who were lamenting the low sales.  I also heard from a couple of vendors who were unsure about whether they should be charging sales tax or having buyers fill out the "sales tax exemption certificates".  This means that the city is still not doing a good enough job of informing business owners about cultural product districts and the sale of original works of art.

The unusually cold weather that swept across the South has certainly not slowed the start of allergy season.  I suffer from year-round allergies but they do worsen when seasonal allergens arrive.  I had a hard time understanding what people were saying while we were at the market because my ears started to pop and felt very muffled from a combination of allergies and my tent's proximity to the bands.  I felt so deaf!  I've had a hearing deficiency since birth but this was much worse than usual so, I apologize to anyone who had to repeat his/herself to me.  It couldn't be helped.

My friend, Dan, who we stay with in New Orleans, was pet sitting an enormous rough coated collie.  She is the largest collie I've ever seen and weighs in at 86 lbs.  She's not overweight--just very tall and long.  Her coat is extremely bushy and thick, too.  I had always read that male collies were used in the television series Lassie because male collies typically have more luxurious coats.  This dog was certainly an exception!  I wish that I had thought to snap a photo of her.  Darn!

Note to my customers:  Your orders are all in the works and will begin shipping very soon.  Thanks for your patience!

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