Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weather Woes

My husband and I drove over to New Orleans on Friday to attempt to get my occupational license.  I tried last year but a computer error flagged my first time application as a late renewal which meant that they cashed my $50 check but the system still expected a $10 late fee.  Emails and calls resulted in absolutely zero help so, I just gave up.  Fast forward to 2014...Freret Market has begun requiring proof of licensure which meant that I had to not only try again but actually succeed this time.  The stars must have aligned because I got my license and an answer regarding what went wrong last year.  Finally!

NOLA occupational license

Weather in the Deep South has been strange this year.  Our car started icing as we drove through coastal Mississippi on our drive over to New Orleans on Friday.  We hadn't really expected icy weather because the forecasts were not in agreement.   Our friend's staircase was encased in a thick layer of ice by the time that we had to bring up our suitcase and other bags.  That was a scary experience.  Not only is the stair steep but the old railing offers no stability.  Thank goodness the ice had melted by morning.

icicles on railing in New Orleans
Icicles on Railing

The newest bout of winter precipitation hasn't been quite as bad as we were expecting here in the Florida panhandle.  Everything is covered in a thick coat of ice but with very little snow accumulation.  The humidity level was so low that most of the snow sublimated about as fast as it fell.

icy Civic
Icy Civic

car encased in ice

car roof rack encased in ice
Encased In Ice

My husband and I are at my mother's house so that she's not alone and we'll be iced in until at least mid-day on Thursday when the temperature begins to rise.  There have been power outages but thus far, we've been lucky.  Just a couple of days of weather like this is enough to make me stir crazy.  I have no idea how people deal with this up north! 


  1. Up north here, we've been dealing with a lot of snow, but as you'd probably agree, ice is a heckuva lot worse! My sister reports that two days of ice, and Austin has gone nuts....and we won't even mention Atlanta! You're all no doubt stir crazy together by now, but stay safe.

    1. I hate the ice so much and can generally deal with snow a lot better.

      I'll email you the tales of what Eric's co-workers dealt with in Birmingham & Atlanta. I've only got one word for it: Oy!

      Stay warm!

      Oh, and what happened to your comment on the last post? I responded and then both yours and mine went "poof".

  2. Hey lady! I slipped on the sidewalk Tuesday night and hurt my knee. I told Sam that it was my first old lady fall! LOL!!! See you Saturday.

    1. I hope your knee is better. I'm so sorry that you slipped; were you walking Cosmo?

      I'll see you Saturday and you are NOT an old lady (unless I am, too...)!

  3. Well, I AM an old lady, and I can tell you if you continue to have more of this icy stuff, you'll both be old ladies sooner than you care to be! Take care.

    And I have no idea where those comments may have gone....maybe with all those AWOL emails!!!

    1. You're not old (blows raspberry at you)!

      I'm really at my wits end over Yahoo email. I tried sending emails from one of my Yahoo accounts to another and Yahoo couldn't even get emails to ME on another Yahoo account! Ugh.

  4. Well, more ice headed this way (on top of a good deal of snow), so I am aging fast!

    1. I saw the photos and it looks *cold*. Hang in there and try to stay warm (I hope you didn't lose electricity)!

      P.S. We're all aging ;)