Monday, January 6, 2014

Bad Weather, Cute Dogs, Guilds, and UPS

The Arts Market at Palmer Park was fun and lucrative in spite of the weather.  New Orleans people are a hearty crowd!  Saturday was very windy but we weighted everything down well and added extra tent weights.  The rain held off until the market was over but it rained all night.  The rain resumed almost as soon as we arrived on Sunday and the temperature started to drop.  We had a few customers despite the bad conditions but once we started battling leaks, mud, and being chilled to the bone (we could see our breath), all the vendors threw in the towel and we packed up.

We always stay with our friend, Dan, when we're in New Orleans.  He was pet sitting two of our favorite dogs:  Maddie and Socks.  Maddie is a sweet lab mix and Socks is supposed to be a chihuahua but I'm convinced that he's half cat.  I've never seen a dog who acts more cat-like than that precious little pup.  He even washed his face the same way cats do!  Neither dog liked the temperature drop so they were more than willing to be wrapped up like cuddlebugs.

Maddie wrapped in blanket

Socks wrapped in blanket

The annual meeting of the Louisiana Crafts Guild is this Saturday in Lafayette.  I really look forward to attending and having a chance to meet fellow members.

The guild now has a YouTube channel.  They currently have only one video which was made at the World Cultural Economic Forum in New Orleans.  It's informative and should tell you a bit more about the guild:

It is so important that those who create handmade items, band together.  Those of us who make jewelry often gather in online groups which can be very helpful but please don't neglect your local guilds which can be such wonderful sources of information, gallery and art/craft market opportunities, and friendship.  They also give us the opportunities to reach out to the community with demonstrations and classes which help spur interest in our art forms.  It's a great way to get new generations interested in traditional handicrafts!

I finally ordered my canopy walls.  When I first ordered my canopy, the only walls that were currently available were the roll-up kind that zip and the kind offered by Undercover would not fully zip on the UC-2 Pro.  I knew that they had new walls in the works so, I waited to order the fully functional walls which work more like curtains that zip.  I can't wait for the shipment to arrive so that we can install the wire that functions as the suspension system.  Plus, I need to take a booth shot for a festival application.

The order shipped from Ontario California and the destination is NW Florida but it seems to be taking a rather circuitous route.  Here's where it's been so far:

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I first thought that this was related to the extreme weather conditions gripping the US but the current weather conditions and forecast in Sioux Falls SD are no worse than in Dickinson ND.  What's going on UPS?  Will the next stop be Calgary?

My package went back to Louisville KY, on to Montgomery AL, and then finally arrived in FL and it's "out for delivery".  What a journey!


  1. Thank you for sharing the video. I really loved hearing what motivated those artists and seeing the works! I hated to see all the splashing in the mud for that show. Hopefully the weather will behave for the next one. Also, I live in NW Florida and I have had many packages from both the USPS and UPS go a crazy route like that. Not sure what's up with that...!

    1. You're welcome, Keith.

      If we had not gotten sales, we would have been very disappointed but people were definitely still buying last minute presents which made the muddy slog seem worth it.

      Stay warm, wrap those outdoor spigots, and cover your plants. It's going to be what this Southern girl deems frigid!

  2. Watching you're video brought back the memories and you're right. Once we saw our breadths we were outta there! Socks is sooooo cute! Cosmo is all wrapped up in his blanket right now. This weather is crazy! 22 degrees tonight...seriously???!!!

    1. That really was a strange day--thank goodness for Wellies!

      Give little Cosmo a squeeze for me. My kitty boy has been spending most of his time curled up in a blanket nest. He hates being even a tiny bit chilly.

      It's going to get into the teens tonight. It's been a long time since I've dealt with temps. that low. Eek!