Saturday, December 14, 2013

Feeling Better

I think that I'm about 95% well from the virus that I brought back from my festival trip.  The one thing that has not returned is my appetite--I'm simply not getting hungry like I should be at the normal times each day.  I've been happily getting by on less than a decent meal each day all week.  I fear that this will wreak havoc on my metabolism at the very time of year that I don't need to go into thrift mode.

I'll be restringing a necklace and repairing some silver earrings tomorrow so that they can ship out on Monday.  I don't usually repair jewelry made by others but neither repair is involved nor will they alter the original artists' designs.  I hate that I've had to delay working on them but I didn't want to even attempt it while I felt so totally dead tired.  I'll be including a pair of my earrings as a thank you for my customer's patience.

Aside from my lack of appetite, I have been enjoying hot tea--specifically Hot Cinnamon Sunset by Harney & Sons.  Each time I've run out, it's gone on sale at Publix so, I've not had to pay full price or order it which is convenient because my last few tea obsessions have been for teas that were not available locally.  Anyway, if you enjoy a deliciously spicy black tea that is wonderful plain (no cream or sugar), you might want to give it a try but don't believe the tin when it says that each sachet is good for two cups of tea.  That's only true if you don't mind a very weak second cup or a blah single 2-cup brew.

It's chilly even here in the FL panhandle so, stay warm!


  1. It's nice to hear your feeling better! I am not a big fan of tea but that's another story. I drink it all day long, lol!

    1. Thanks, Keith. I'm *way* too much of a fan of both tea and coffee! I've been hooked my whole life.