Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chimneyville, New Orleans, Stolen Card Number, and a Virus

The good...

The Chimneyville Crafts Festival was fantastic and though the weather was cold and icy and many people didn't make the trek over to the Trade Mart the first evening, my sales were still very good.  I'm not sure if my husband got many photos but I'll post some later if we've got any.

The weather was definitely too rainy to drive all the way back after the festival wrapped up on Sunday so we drove to Hammond and spent the night.  We drove into New Orleans the next morning and I restocked The Exchange Shop and we had lunch at Napoleon House.  It was just a quick business trip over and we headed back to Florida.

Now for the bad...

My card number was stolen and a $700 purchase was made.  The bank lied and claimed that they tried to call me to verify the purchase but my cell phone records proved otherwise.  They've admitted their error and my money will be returned but it was a major nuisance.  I rarely use my card and it never leaves my sight in restaurants, etc. so I have narrowed it down a bit.  I'll post when I have confirmation of who stole it and how.

After dealing with all that, I then realized that I caught a mild virus.  I was down for the count last night but I'm feeling a bit better this morning--just really tired.  I'll get online purchases mailed out tomorrow.  I'm very sorry for the delay.


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry for the bad stuff, but happy you had some nice sales!

    1. Thanks, Alice. It really made all the work worth it!

  2. Where have you been girl! Heidi asked about you at Freret Market last weekend. I guess I'll be seeing you at Palmer Park. Miss seeing your face! Lots of love and get some rest so you don't have to cancel your NOLA art market! ♥

    1. I hated being such a hermit but it was the only way that I was going to get everything completed in time. I got wait listed for "Freret"stivus and probably won't be doing that market anymore until Freret Street Festival. I think it's getting too flea market-ish and too many people are trying to bargain with me on my jewelry.

      I can't wait 'til Palmer and I look forward to when they re-open registration to new jewelry sellers. If you hear about when that will me, please let me know!

      I'll email you and Heidi soon. :)