Friday, October 11, 2013

The Little Guy Doesn't Stand A Chance

UPDATE (11/13/13):
Your desperate attempt to spam my blog, Allison, only serves to make you look even worse.  Comments have been turned off and will remain 'off' on this post!

Etsy Sellers Partnering With Manufacturers

One seller that is exalted in Etsy's free advertising blog post states in the comments, "However, I work with retailers and that is how/why I started working with a local small business, Fall River Apparel. They are a small company of 5 seamstresses, and are just as dedicated to making super quality handmade products."

Does THIS look like "a small company of 5 seamstresses"?

If Etsy can redefine "manufactured" as being the same as "handmade" then maybe she can redefine "5".

Updated to add:

A seller made an excellent comment in the forum when describing how Etsy's new policy of lumping manufactured products in with handmade products:
" My example. - the free range butcher at the farmers market that people travel miles to shop at because they value quality, animal welfare, want to support local farmers etc suddenly puts up a sign that says
'Now offering feed lot beef, May or may not be imported'. Then they refuse to tell you which meat is which
I'd have a beef with that
I'd have to go find another butcher"

Buyers want to know the truth!

UPDATE  (10/15):
Etsy continues to flaunt the shops who are having their products manufactured and the Chairwoman of the Board of Etsy has declared that if you are against the new changes at Etsy that you must have "a fundamental failure of imagination about how marketplaces can grow".  Condescending much?


  1. I guess that seller can claim her items are "extra" handmade now, since there are definitely more than 10 hands involved in that "facility."

    Wonder if Etsy's sleuthing is as good as yours....

    1. I'm sure that Etsy knows and has no problem with it. They only care about $$$.

      We deserve better....