Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Future of My Etsy Shops

My husband and I have decided to phase out my Etsy shops.  He knows how disgusted I've become with Etsy and Chad Dickerson so, he gave me the push and his blessing.  No more items will be added and listings will be allowed to expire.   I've grown dead tired of what Etsy has become and I've decided that we have to part ways.  My husband and I are currently making our future shop plans.

I will keep my buying account (assuming that Etsy doesn't close it out of spite) so that I can make purchases from my favorite sellers who have chosen to remain but sell nowhere else.

The Brave New "Etsy World" Order
Leslie (Admin)
"Hi there,
Shops are now allowed to use third party or what has been referred to as drop shipping. It's completely possible that items will ship from a different location than where they are made or where the shop is located."

Etsy Praises The Shops That Use Manufacturers 


  1. :( maybe artesanum it's a valid alternative?
    I had a shop in Artesanum, I don't think it is popular as etsy bu you can try it.
    I will close my shop, too many costs, no sellings :(

    1. I wish Etsy would listen to those who sell handmade items but they don't care about us.

      I will check out Artesanum. I've never heard of it but I'll be sure to visit it. Thanks!

      I wish you success wherever your shop is! :)