Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bye Bye, Etsy!

I had planned to let my listings expire but I am totally sick of all the worry that accompanies selling on Etsy. I wasted a lot of time sitting on the Etsy carousel going around and around but never getting anywhere. I finally jumped off.

My blog won't be going anywhere and the addresses will not be changing. Both and will still redirect to this blog. 

(Coming Soon!)
This site will include:
  •  Libellula Jewelry
  • Cicada Silver
  • Firefly Supply Shop


  1. You are certainly not the only one. I have just started selling and everyone is complaining. Makes me wonder what to do...

    1. I've seen hordes of others who have either already left or are making their exit plans. The face of Etsy has really changed drastically--in just the time that I had two shops.

      Whether or not your shop remains on Etsy, I would strongly suggest that you branch out if you haven't already done that. Consignment at worthy venues and vending at markets and festivals have been far more lucrative than selling on Etsy.

      Best of luck!