Monday, October 7, 2013

An Assortment of New Work in Silver

necklaces by Cicada Silver
Fine & Sterling Silver Necklaces by Cicada Silver
Left to right:  Fine silver lentil bead, fine silver sea shell pendant, amethyst geode sterling silver pendant,  fine silver silver agate pendant, fine silver flower pendant, and fine silver basket pendant

Regular blog readers will recognize the amethyst geode necklace because I've posted photos of it but the others were completed last week.

None of these items are listed in Cicada Silver on Etsy nor will they be listed.  Please email me if you're interested in one of the necklaces.  Thanks.


  1. Awesome Libellula! How was the opening at the MS guild?

    1. Thanks, Kalaya! My hives returned, I got cut w/ a potato peelers (no stitches), and Eric didn't feel like a long drive in pouring rain so, we didn't go. I was really upset but it was a good decision.