Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thinking About Opening an Etsy Shop?

Edited (26 August 2013):
Dear Readers:
If you are considering opening a shop on Etsy, I would strongly suggest that you visit the Etsy forum and read about Etsy's most recent disregard for shop owners before you make the leap of faith and open a shop.

Etsy and the "no Paypal access" test:

Etsy's new star review system:

Rate Etsy:

The fluff piece written about Etsy CEO, Chad Dickerson (pay special attention to the comments section):

The Daily Dot- Why Etsy's Brave New Economy is Crumbling:

The Power of Words (How Etsy "suggests" that customers leave negative comments in reviews):

A blog post from a former Etsy seller who closed her shop and why:

Etsy is currently having a promotion:

"Invite Friends, Get Free Listings!

For every friend that opens a shop on Etsy, we'll give you both 40 free listings."

This doesn't include those who currently have shops on Etsy but wish to open additional ones.  This promotion is intended to encourage people who are not currently shop owners to take the plunge and open Etsy shops.

This is the invitation link from Libellula Jewelry:  Link Removed


  1. Well, Etsy admin is certainly getting an earful at the end of that (badly written) gigaom article! And in public, not buried in the forums! I note admin are on their best behavior just now, too--a lot more responsive (and in sickly sweet language) to the concerns being voiced on Etsy.

    Personally, I like how in this thread ("Try out the new feedback system here!") one of the sellers turned the new star system back on the perps--

    1. I love that thread, too. I've added it to the list.

      I am SO sick of Etsy's b.s. I listed a few items from Bead Soup but seriously doubt that I'll bother listing anything else. My focus is markets, festivals, galleries, and museum shops--the places where my work *actually sells*!