Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not So Precious Metals Recycling

Like everyone else who works with sterling and fine silvers, I collect my scrap and send it off to be refined. I send mine in to Rio Grande and really enjoy getting the credit applied to future orders.  But what about base metal scrap?  I'm really diligent about saving every tiny snip of wire and sheet and my husband recycles it for me at a place in Pensacola.  I hadn't really paid much attention to the current values of those metals so, I was surprised when my latest batch was worth almost $18.

copper & brass recycling receipt
 How do you deal with your accumulated base metal scrap?


  1. Love that receipt (I guess they have to check that nobody's stealing "scrap")...and the name: WISE indeed!

    1. Yep. There was a ton of copper theft after each hurricane with the worst occurring post-Katrina/flood. They've finally begun to crack down on it.