Thursday, August 22, 2013

Insurance For Jewelry Designers

I've recently realized that the value of my stock,  tools, and supplies is far more than I would be comfortable losing in the event of theft, fire, or natural disaster.  I started my search and found that it's actually a bit difficult to find much information on the internet and that most of the policies detailed on the internet are geared towards "jewelers" selling gold, platinum, and diamonds.  After a bit of searching, I found some information through The American Craft Council Association Insurance and Cerf+ offer a .pdf pamphlet download Business Insurance Guidebook For Artists.

I also learned that not all well-respected galleries insure the work that is consigned to them.  Even with fees as high as 50%, they somehow plead that they can't afford the policies and pass that off to the artists.  I had been lucky and had only dealt with those that covered consigned items against theft or destruction to the value the artist would have earned upon sale of the items.  I'm now searching for a policy that will cover consigned work--many Business Owner Policies do not cover work that is not in the artist's "custody".

I find it very sad that it's almost always the artist who must assume all the liability and financial risk.  I'll post updates as I make my way through this process and eventually find the right insurance for my businesses.

I'd really appreciate any information that readers might have so, if any of you have policies that you like, please post the names of the companies and your agents (if you don't mind).  Thanks!

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