Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Are My Etsy Shops DEAD This Week?

I'm not sure if it's the *time of year, the economy, some kind of Etsy issue (of which there are many), or my lack of listing new items but both of my shops have been positively dead this week.  I have never gotten daily views this low in the histories of either shop.  It's like both shops dropped off a cliff!

I guess that I'd better start listing items rather than just taking all the new items to markets.  That has to be a big part of the problem; I've been making tons of new items but very few of them have been listed.  When I started making components (ear wires, headpins, bead caps, etc.), my jewelry sales slowed down which resulted in me concentrating my jewelry efforts into creating stock for markets, shops, and galleries.  I'm also unsure if selling components may have been a mistake because many, if not most, people view Libellula Jewelry as just a place for ear wires.  I don't mind making findings but that is not my focus.  My jewelry will always be my focus.

Dear blog readers, which path should I take?:
  1. Continue offering my findings only via my blog rather than keeping them listed in the shop
  2. or expanding my supplies in Libellula Jewelry to include red brass and bronze headpins and ear wires?  My listings currently ask that customers convo me for quotes on findings made from sterling silver, Argentium sterling silver, red brass, and bronze but maybe that's too much effort for someone who wants to place an immediate order.
My eventual goal is to move all handmade supplies out of my shop and into a supply shop (FireFlySupplyShop on Etsy) that will also offer a much more expanded assortment of both handmade and commercial items.  The commercial items would include items that I've purchased in bulk for personal use and wish to pass along a good price (kraft paper boxes, etc.).  My husband will have an expanded role in this shop but his job is currently taking so much of his time that we can't open this shop quite yet.

Any suggestions?

*Same time period last year, (6-1 to 6-13), Libellula Jewelry had 2.25x more views, nearly 2.5x as many favorites, and 3x as many orders.


  1. I am in no way an expert, but if I do not list often, views go way down on my shop views, too (Etsy). My personal opinion is to continue to list your components, as you do get total shops views by offering the variety. I HATE doing takes forever!! Best of luck to you!

    1. I figured it had to be my lack of new listings. If only my husband had time to take the photos (major reason behind no new listings)...

      I'll continue with the components because I've already gotten "continue" votes from you and Gale and a few emailed pleas!

      Thanks for your help. :)

  2. Who knows about the mysteries of Etsy or business, in general.... As for listing a variety of supplies in your current shop, it wouldn't hurt to put up a listing for each of the metals and see what happens. You know I love your bronze ball pins. ;)

    1. I'll get more component listings up as soon as possible and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

      Thanks for your help, Gale!

  3. I have yet to figure out the mysteries of Etsy myself. I was on a spree of daily listig for quite some time and still didn't have many views. I attribute my lack of sales and views to lack of a following though, so I'm not sure why yours have gone down.

    1. "Mysteries of Etsy"--that's the perfect way to phrase it! I'm not sure anyone other than the resellers have figured it out.

      A lack of a following is probably a big part of it for me. I'm purposefully not on Facebook. I'm also not a part of the many chat groups because I just don't have time.

      I'll add the bronze and red brass components and get a lot more jewelry listed so, we'll see what happens. Regardless of what happens with my shops, I wish you tons of success with your shop!