Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea

NHC Tropical Storm Andrea track

Our first storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season has formed.  Tropical Storm Andrea is expected to have a very short track which will not allow for a lot of development but will dump a fair amount of rain on the panhandle.  Landfall is expected tomorrow evening somewhere in the Big Bend.

As always, stay informed and stay safe!


  1. We're getting some of that rain today but I imagine your area will get more. Nice reminder that it's hurricane season. At least I can see which gutter needs to be cleaned. Stay dry!

    1. Hi Cyndi! The wind has picked up a bit here but I'm not sure we're going to get much or even any rain until tonight. I think it's going to be primarily to the east of us and that you guys might get the bulk of it.
      Thanks for the gutter reminder because I need to clean my mom's gutter that's filled with the neighbor's pine needles.
      Take care!

  2. Enough rain here, too (without a hurricane), to remind me of the drains. That made me laugh.

    Stay safe this weekend, and I hope the guy with the red truck stays away from the Piety Market!!

  3. The 'reply' button under your comment appears to be, this is a regular comment. Oh well.

    Hi Gale! I think we'll be fine in NOLA this weekend. We might get a thunderstorm on Sunday but it won't be related to TS Andrea. Saturday looks like it will shape up to be another scorcher--eek!