Thursday, June 6, 2013

Freret Market and the Red Truck

Freret Market layout
I was not assigned a numbered "assigned" space but my space was designated as a  "100" which means that I could choose any open space numbered as 100 on the layout .  I chose the third space on the right side of the layout.  That should have been a good space that would have had decent visibility and foot traffic.

nuisance truck
Photo taken at the end of the day with almost all vendors gone--but the truck still remains

The red truck in the photograph posted above was parked on the left side where the 100-numbered spaces begin.  I have no idea why it was there or allowed to remain there the entire market day.  Everyone was talking about how it blocked shoppers' views and made it appear that the back section was parking rather than more tents.  The man announcing bands, etc. even joked that he would give anyone who would steal that truck a $100.  It was not a secret that the truck was a problem and yet, none of the market organizers walked back to discuss the removal of the truck.  No one stopped by my tent to even mention the truck and the effect that it was having on foot traffic.
"No vehicles may be kept on lot during market"  I suppose that refers to all vehicles other than a certain red F150.

I get lots of shoppers in my tent and frequent sales when my tent is visible but Saturday was awful.  The lack of shoppers in the back "100" section could not be blamed entirely upon the oppressive heat (the high hit 92°) because the front section was very busy with shoppers the entire day.  The heat didn't keep those people away from the market or prevent them from making purchases from the vendors at the front.

I contacted the market about my concerns but my emails have gone unanswered.  I wonder if there will be a plan in place by September (the next market) in case a vehicle is parked on the lot?   
UPDATE:  (6-10)  I received a reply to my email and my concerns were addressed but I'm still unsure whether I'm happy with the response.  There doesn't really appear to be a plan if the same situation happens again but I do want to participate in future markets.  I'll give it a try and hope for the best but if it happens again, I'm going to give up on Freret.


  1. So unfortunate. Hope they will tow any vehicles for the next market.

    1. It really was & I've got my fingers crossed that we don't have to deal with any nuisance vehicles in the future!

      May you never have to deal with anything like that when you sell at markets. :)

  2. How awful! It's hard enough to prep for a show-especially outdoors- and then to have to deal with this nuisance all sorry!