Saturday, May 4, 2013

Innocence Project Fundraiser

The Innocence Project New Orleans is having their fundraising gala on May 9th.  I support them in their efforts to exonerate factually innocent prisoners, expose injustice, and prevent wrongful convictions.  To date, The Innocence Project New Orleans has won the exoneration or freedom of 22 innocent men--at no cost to their families.  A sad truth about Louisiana and Mississippi is that those states have the highest incarceration rates in the entire world!

I have donated a necklace for their silent auction.  It's a simple dome pendant on a rosary-style chain but what makes it different is the message that it permanently carries.  Contained inside the dome is Emily Dickinson's quote:  "Hope is a thing with feathers--that perches in the soul--and sings the tune without words--and never stops at all."  I chose that as a reminder that we should not ever give up hope--hope that our broken criminal justice system will be fixed, hope that those who have been wrongfully convicted will be exonerated and released, and hope that there will be no additional wrongful convictions. 

The money raised at the gala will be use to provide free legal aid to those who have been wrongfully incarcerated.  If you or someone you know would like to make a donation, please contact Diondra Marchus at DiondraM (at) ip-no (dot) org , (504) 943-1905, or 3301 Chartres St, New Orleans LA  70117.  You can also help raise money when you shop online by clicking through the links provided on this page:

etched brass & copper necklace by Libellula Jewelry
Etched Brass & Copper Necklace

UPDATE:  My necklace raised $110.


  1. Fabulous pendant! And a very fitting quote :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ali. I searched a bit before I decided upon that one. I'm glad to know that other people think it fits, too.

  2. Very nice, I love the feel and movement of this Necklace, thanks for sharing.