Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend in New Orleans

We had a great weekend in New Orleans.  Piety Street Market was not that busy but I made several sales, saw a friend that I hadn't seen since December, and really enjoyed the weather--very mild and comfortable.  We'll soon be nearing the end of the temperate weather before the heat of Summer.  New Orleans Summers don't wait to start by the calendar--it usually starts during or before Jazzfest.

My friend Heidi was not able to sell with me at the market.  Please send her some loving, positive vibes because she had to say goodbye to her dear dog.  She was elderly but old age and a life well-lived don't make it any easier when that time comes.

Sunday was spent making a few house repairs for a friend and talking with a hoard of good friends during an impromptu porch party--the best kind!  It was a fun but tiring weekend that left me needing a bit of a rest on Monday.  How was your weekend?

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