Saturday, February 23, 2013

Randy Update, A Big Thank You, & Lots of Earrings

My Tuxedo Cat:  Randy
Mommy's little imp hiding in my storage area
Note that his left hand thumb is black!

Randy limps but is getting steadily better.  I imagine that I would be healing much more slowly than he is.  Cats are so much more resilient than humans.  Immediately following his injury, he seemed to have lost a bit of his confidence and acceptance of living as an indoor cat.  He seemed a bit more ill at ease like when he had only been inside a week. He paced around the house despite his injury and meowed at night.  He also started scaring me half to death with repeated attempts to get in the window.  The night after getting home from the vet, he jumped up on a pedestal sink. I can't imagine doing something like that after having a dislocated hip re-seated!

I'm glad to report that he has calmed down considerably and is no longer jumping into windows or onto sinks.  His limp lessens with each passing day and doesn't seem to slow him down as he runs all over the house.  His nighttime zoomies are a hoot to watch!  What I have learned through all of this is that Randy may never be like other cats.  He likes to be close to us, sleep on a hoodie that I've worn, and eat from my hand but he is still not showing any signs of wanting to be petted or held.  He does let me pet his front paws and he really enjoys swatting or nibbling my toes when I wear toe socks so, the kitten behavior is definitely back!   =^..^=

I'd like to give a big thank you to all the ladies who made bulk buy headpin purchases.  Everyone's headpins are finished and the reserved listings have been purchased.  It took me longer than expected to get all the headpins made because I was lucky enough to have lots of regular Etsy orders come in at the same time.  I've made over 1000 headpins in the last two weeks in addition to several other custom orders.  I'm grateful for the business but admittedly a bit tired!
I made lots of new earrings which were going to make their debut at the February Piety Street Market which I couldn't attend due to Randy's injury.  It's going to take a bit of time to get all those earrings listed on Etsy.  If you see a pair of earrings that you're interested in, please send me an Etsy convo and I'll set up a reserved listing for you.  By saving me the time that it would take to photograph, edit those photos, and write full listings for these new pairs of earrings, I'll ship your earrings for free to US destinations and $2.50 off of shipping to all other destinations (an equivalent savings). Purchases of two or more pairs of earrings will get you another $5 discount.

Click to enlarge photos:

New Earring Display Stand

Earrings Made By Libellula Jewelry

Handmade Earrings By Libellula Jewelry

Earrings Handmade By Libellula Jewelry

Handmade Earrings By Libellula Jewelry

I'm also pretty proud of the earring display stand that my husband made for me. The photos of the new earrings feature my new display.  It's a beefed up version of others that are currently available on the internet.  We wanted one that could stand up to the rigors of years of set-ups and breakdowns, as well as, big gusts of wind.  A lot of the others that I found while I was searching for one that was ready made were made from much thinner wood and even plywood.  He made my stand from solid Louisiana cypress and I stained it the color of red oak so that it would match my other red oak display items.  The rods are brass which I plated with copper and treated with liver of sulphur.  The yellow brass was too garish against the mellow red oak color.


  1. Wow! Even Randy looks like he's giving you both the thumb up! That red oak is gorgeous, and I especially love what you've done with rings in your earrings. Lots of goodies for the next market!

    1. Thanks so much, Gale!
      I love his little black thumb. =^..^=
      I really am grateful that my honey can make displays for me. The savings are nice and I get exactly what I want.
      I worry that people will get bored with so many loopy earrings but I've always liked to wear them because they're comfortable and don't catch on my hair or scarves.

  2. I'm glad to hear that Randy is doing okay. It may take him a while but maybe he will get to the point where you can pet him. My Hope has never been a lap cap but as usual is under my chair as I type this. Your earring display is perfect. How lovely to have a handy husband. I love handy men! It's a shame that you didn't get to be at the market. And oh, my word! 1000 headpins. I don't know how you did it.

    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia. I'm definitely hopeful that Randy will eventually allow me to pet him. He is becoming my shadow and that, alone, gives me hope.

      If you know someone who does woodworking, I'd be happy to email you my husband's drawing for the earring display. It's a very simple design--but I love it!

      Making the headpins was a long haul but I figured that if Miss Fickle Media is able to make what seems like zillions of components on and on and on, that I could do it once in a while. I have always been impressed with her stamina.

  3. New follower from the Bead Soup Party!
    LOVE your wire wrapping, your style is amazing and your work is just plain gorgeous!!

    The displays your hubby made are awesome!

    I would love to ask you some questions sometime about how you make your headpins....

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Happy Creating,

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog! You've got a new follower, too. :)

      I passed along your compliment to my husband and he said, "Thank you".

      I'm be happy to answer any questions you have about making headpins. Just email me.

      Thanks again!

  4. Hooray for Randy's recovery! He sounds like a very silly boy playing with your toe socks like that. I love the earring stand - what a great job you two did with that. Wind gusts knocking over displays is the worst! I actually did have a gust blow over my earring display case at the Piety Market, but fortunately it survived intact. I need to discuss the Freret Market with you - did you look into that any more yet?

    1. You're a kitty person so, I know you'd love him. Thanks so much about the earring stand. It's pretty sturdy but it still needs real life testing to see how it's going to stand up to the wind.
      Check your email later this evening. :)