Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jump Ring Kits

saw cut 4.5 mm ID copper jump rings

A lot of customers aren't really sure what sizes and gauges of jump rings that they need and they hesitate to order packs of 100 until they are sure.  I've considered offering kits that contain a variety of sizes in half millimeter progressions so that jewelry makers will have a lot of sizes to choose from and can determine the sizes that they prefer and would use most frequently.

I currently offer 18 gauge copper jump rings in Libellula Jewelry and I would be happy to offer other gauges and metals if there were requests for them.

If you think that you would ever consider purchasing a jump ring assortment kit, please take a minute to answer these questions:

  1. What metal(s) would interest you? (copper, red brass, bronze, sterling silver, 1/10 silver filled)
  2. How do you usually use jump rings in your work?  Do you know the sizes and gauges that you prefer?
  3. How many of each size would you want in an assortment kit?
  4. How many sizes would you like in a kit?
  5. Do you have any suggestions or requests?
  6. Would you like your kit contained in a multi-chambered box or would you prefer labeled zip bags?
I'll extend a 15% savings on the kits to anyone who leaves their answers in the comments section below.  Thank you for your help!


  1. I will try to answer your questions briefly, but there are so many variables, aren't there?
    1. I would use copper, sterling, and a bit of bronze. Might have to look into silver filled with the price of silver.

    2. I use 3 and 4mm to join charms, and rosary wrapped items. I use 5 or 5.5mm to join larger components or in earrings. Less often larger sizes, but they make a nice contrast.

    I use 20g, 18g most often, and 16g sometimes.

    3. I wouldn't need assortments so much now (have stocked up on what I do use), but I do remember how great it was to try out assortments of sizes and gauges in kits. I recall receiving 10-30 of each size in kits, but that depended on how many different options there were in the kit.

    4. It might be useful to have some kits with one gauge (18g), and another kit with two gauges.

    5. I might like a sampler of jumprings in sizes over 5mm.

    6. I like the labeled zip bags.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. A few more comments, and I'll have a better idea of what people need. I appreciate that you took the time to help me. :)