Friday, January 4, 2013

Preparing For Valentine's Day

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A lot of people are true romantics and enjoy Valentine's Day.  I've never really gotten into it but I'm not going to let that keep me from making jewelry for those who love it--or those who hate it.  I'm also making a few pieces for people who are anti-Valentine's Day for whatever reason.

So, expect some vintage-inspired pieces, a few more that are more modern, and some that are edgier and maybe even black.  I have a few items that are leftover from last year when my shop was so new that it wasn't on anyone's radar.

I'll have some Valentine's items with me at the January 12th Piety Street Market for those who like to shop early and many more items at the February 9th market.  I'm always happy to wrap your purchases and will have traditional red, white, and pink wrappings and a few non-traditional choices. 

I've always liked to buy holiday cards and tissue paper when they go on clearance after the holidays.  I'm usually just buying for the next Winter holiday season but this year, I was searching for items that could be used all year as part of my packaging for my shops.  I was able to buy plain, white and red tissue paper and I even found a few tiny, sparkly red gift bags for my Valentine's Day shoppers all at 70% off.  I use so little that these packs of tissue should last more than a year.

The January Piety Street Market is Mardi Gras themed and should be a load of fun.  I can't believe that it's almost Twelfth Night and the start of the carnival season!  That's a dangerous time for me because I have a weakness for really good king cakes.  My favorites are the Apple & Goat Cheese from Cake Café and the Pralines & Cream from Praline Connection--not a lot of people talk about that one but it is amazing.    I've loved their cake ever since I tried it at the Best of the Beat a few years ago.  And, Praline Connection gets extra points for making their king cakes look a bit like they were decorated by Jackson Pollock.

I hope your new year is off to an auspicious start.  Our new rescue kitty is settling in well but still not ready to be held or petted, the table my husband is making me is almost finished, and I'm really behind on work.  I really need to finish some items for a couple of friends who have been beyond patient while waiting on me to get them ready (Birgitta & Gale--you're both saints!).  So, it's back to work for me...


  1. Hey, there! I don't know about Birgitta, but I'm no saint! (Though I did have lunch with an archbiship yesterday....)

    Happy new year, and "talk" to ya soon. Have fun at the market, and hello to Olive and father.

    1. Hey! I've missed you. I definitely can't wait to hear about that lunch...

      Enjoy the remainder of your trip and have a safe trip home. :)

      Olive and husband send their hellos. =^..^=