Friday, January 11, 2013

Mistaken Identity

Our little rescue cat is getting more settled by the day and is also growing a lot.  We had thought that our little cat was going into estrus because of a night of meowing that sounded very much like a cat in heat but we are certain that is not the case.  Our little Olive has been discovered to actually be a BOY!  After all the cats that I've had or been around, you'd think that I would be able to tell the difference! During the whole first week, he rarely lifted his tail and when he did, we saw absolutely no hint of "furry nut brothers"--husband's term, not mine!  Now that he has become more comfortable, he has started walking taller and sleeping in adorable sprawled out positions that have made his gender obvious.  So, I've had to apologize to him for calling him Olive for so long and my husband has given him a name befitting a little boy.

When we finally got our little kitty indoors on Christmas Eve, he hid under the kitchen sink for a bit.  We laughed about it and joked that we should name the cat "Randy" after the little boy in A Christmas Story but we were certain that Olive was more suitable for a female cat.  Now that we know that she is actually a he, the name suddenly made sense and our little tuxedo kitty is now named Randy.

Randy Under Sink--A Christmas Story
Randy Parker Under Sink (convinced that Daddy will kill Ralphie)

Ian Petrella played Randy Parker, A Christmas Story
Ian Petrella (portrayed Randy)

And on to a completely different  subject...tomorrow is the Piety Street Market.  I hope to see you there!

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  1. Finally catching up on blogs! You already told me this anyway, but I like the illustrations ;)

    1. I love the photo of adult Ian under the sink! ;)