Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crafting With Beer: Adorable Handmade Books

I follow the blog of fellow jewelry designer, Vicki Potter of Orion Designs.  In addition to making beautiful jewelry, she also enjoys crafting hand bound books.  She recently blogged about some small booklets that she made using the cardboard 6-pack holders from beer.  She described the books as a "quick and dirty" variety of books but I think they are far more than that!  The books are so cute and I commented that they would be perfect for tasting notes at a beer festival and Vicki was kind enough to offer me one.  I received it last week along with a lovely handmade card and it really brightened my day.  I now have my little book waiting for the next tasting that I attend.  I can't wait to show off my book and it will surely get lots of compliments from fellow beer lovers.

Beer Book:  Handmade by Vicki Potter

Beer Book:  Handmade by Vicki Potter

Handmade Card From Vicki Potter
Beautiful Handmade Card

Vicki's blog is not all jewelry and crafting; she bakes, too!  Her blog has a recipe for lemon pie that differs from the recipes that I've used in the past.  This is a no bake pie that calls for sour cream to be folded into the chilled custard mixture.  I had some Meyer lemons in the refrigerator so I had to try her recipe.  My mother, husband, and I are all exceedingly fond of lemon flavored desserts and really liked this pie a lot.  I would imagine that it could also be lightened a bit by substituting 0% fat Greek yogurt such as Fage for the sour cream.  And, it could also be served as a thick pudding with graham cracker or even gingersnap crumbs if you're not in the mood to make a graham cracker crust.  Head over to Vicki's blog for the recipe in celebration of National Pie Day and give it a try if you like lemon!


  1. The book is so clever. It's nice that you were the recipient of this gift. When you take it to a beer-tasting event, everyone will want one.

  2. I love anything that recycles anything!!! Such a great idea...the book is adorable...& YES I love lemon...My Gram's Lemon Meringue iat the top!! :D I will check that one out....


    1. Ooh, lemon meringue is one of my favorites!