Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday at the Piety Street Market

We had a great day at the Piety Street Market.  There were lots of shoppers and the weather was great--actually unseasonably warm.

Piety Street Market

We saw lots of friends:

Etched Bracelets By Hillary Albins, New Orleans LA
Beautiful Etched Bracelets by Hillary Albins 
 (former classmate at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing)

There was great music:

Ingrid Lucia
Ingrid Lucia
(Thank you for lending me your sunglasses!)

Miss Sophie Lee and Margie Perez at Piety St Mkt
 Miss Sophie Lee & Margie Perez Choosing Their Next Song

 Lots of color:

Shoppers at Piety St Market
 Shoppers at the Start of the Market Day

Even the neighborhood is colorful:

Rise & Preserve NO Mural
Rise & Preserve NO

BP Oil Pelican Mural
A Statement Regarding BP and the Oil

Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood:

Bananas in Bloom and Vespa With Wreath
 Vespa with Holiday Wreath
(Note the Bananas are in Bloom!)

And it seemed to be very much the family affair:

Face Painting at Piety St Mkt
 Face Painting

I really enjoyed my Greek salad & hummus wrap.  The food was delicious:

Food Vendor at Piety St Market
Food Vendor's Tent

I stuck to my simple table set-up:

Libellula Jewelry and Cicada Silver Market Table Set-up
Children Seemed To Love the Mini-Stockings

Libellula Jewelry and Cicada Silver Market Table Set-up
A Few Men Snapped My QR Codes This Time
(I Ran Out of Business Cards!)

I hope to be at the January Piety Street Market on the 12th.  I'll keep you posted!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of that fun market. Love your table set-up; clean and organized. Flowering bananas sure beats ice rain. Andrea

    1. Thank *you*, Andrea! I actually had you in mind when I posted the photo of the banana plants. I talked with some Canadian tourists that day who were really enjoying the weather and when I saw that my husband had snapped that photo, it was obvious that I should post it for you. You may have ice rain but you've got other perks ;)

  2. Great pics! I've been wanting to get to the Piety market for a long time. I'll have to make an extra effort to go now!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! I'm glad that I listened to my friends and gave it a try. We had SO much fun!

  3. Great pics! I've been wanting to get to the Piety market for a long time. Now I'll have to make an extra effort!