Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kitty Update

Olive has calmed down a lot and only hides when she wants to sleep during the day.  Otherwise, she is a very talkative little cat who seems to need almost constant reassurance that we've not forgotten about her and that we're here for her.  She has started investigating us and getting really close to us so that she can sniff our scents.

My husband got her a cat toy that looks like a mouse/bird (mouse with feathers instead of a tail) that dangles from a wand.  I got her started playing with it yesterday evening and she she continued to play long after I had stopped.  All in all, she played for about three hours and also enjoyed her catnip scratcher.

Like most cats, she figured out the litter pan with only a bit of coaxing.  She watched me dig in the litter pan and then immediately hopped in.  Cats are so easy!  I guess it's to make up for how difficult it can be to house train some dog breeds.

We're so relieved that we managed to get her indoors when we did because I believe that she is going into her first (and last!) estrus.  As the night progressed, her meows morphed into something that seemed more like "I'm in heat" meows.  She's definitely not ready for us to pick her up and put her in a carrier so a kitty sedative will be necessary.  I'll be calling the vet to make all the plans for her to be spayed.  Had we not gotten her indoors, there would have been yet another litter of kittens running around the neighborhood, homeless.

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  1. Welcome to Olive. I think she has found a lovely home. Andrea

    1. Thanks, Andrea. It's going to be a long road to getting her to be a regular cat but I know she's worth it. =^..^=

  2. Hooray for brave lil Olive, so glad she's making progress :). Hopefully we will get to see cute pics of her soon now that she is getting a lil bolder.

    1. I might try to get some this weekend but it all depends upon whether she's up to it yet. She is so cute and has been playing a lot today and even enjoyed a little bit of scrambled egg along with her kibbles.

      I think all the good vibes are helping her along =^..^=