Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hurricane Season Is Over!

November 30th marked the end of the Atlantic hurricane season.  I think we can all agree that we're relieved that it is over!  Isaac's destruction in parts of Florida and rampage in Mississippi and Louisiana were more than enough to deal with in one season--but mother nature wasn't yet finished.  Superstorm Sandy forever changed the coastal communities of New Jersey and New York while causing widespread power outages throughout the Eastern Seaboard.  Those who experienced the extreme flooding and wind & surge damage will be dealing with FEMA, insurance companies, and red tape for the foreseeable future in their rebuilding attempts.  Let us all hope that they are treated better than those who have endured the same with previous storms.


  1. I am also relieved that it is over! Although I live in the UK, I have friends and family across the Atlantic and many of them were directly affected by Superstorm Sandy.

    Climate change really worries me. I think that we are going to see hurricanes and storms a lot more in future, if we don't all shape up with our CO2 emissions. Of course there is no easy solution but nevertheless my generation needs to help find one. Let's hope that world politics becomes/stays settled enough for a solution to be negotiated.

    1. Sarah,
      I could not agree more! We've all got to make changes or else we'll need to get used to the new "norm" getting worse every year.