Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Handmade Artists' Forum

I've been posting in recent months about supporting independent artists, crafts people, and artisans by buying their wares all year rather than just during the holiday season.

I found a forum of like-minded people who are also truly devoted to promoting handmade items.  That forum is called Handmade Artists' Forum.  I don't currently have a shop on that site but that may change because the fees are reasonable at $5 per month or $50 per year.  There are no additional fees or commission.  They are entirely devoted to real handmade items rather then the reseller junk that some of us have become so accustomed to seeing on other selling sites.  The number of shops grows daily and there is a lot of variety and many items to window shop.  For further information regarding opening a shop:

Joining the forum is free and the sign up is simple.  The community of artists who are forum members participate in blog rings, Twitter rings, etc. to promote the forum, other shops, and the importance of buying handmade items.  They also offer advice, creative feedback, and comaraderie without the negativity that is sometimes present in forums on other online selling sites.

Here's  a small selection of the kinds of handmade items that you'll find in the shops on Handmade Artists' Forum:

large triptych painting
Triptych Art Print by Finnell Fine Art

stoneware wheel thrown bowl
Stoneware Wheel Thrown Bowl by LG Potter
cashmere cable knit scarf
100% Cashmere (Made to Order) Cable Knit Scarf by Fabric of My Mind

handmade lampwork disc beads
Lampwork Disc Beads by Two Glassy Ladies

Please visit the Handmade Artists' Shops while making your online holiday purchases.  And don't forget to visit the Handmade Artists' Forum to sign up and say, "Hello".


  1. Glad to have you at HAF! Thanks so much for including my cashmere cable knit scarf in your post. And I LOVE that bowl!

    1. Thank you & you're very welcome! When I was looking for items to include, your beautiful scarf was an easy pick.

      That bowl really is amazing. I imagine that it would really mess with a squirrel's mind. ;)

  2. My reaction was the same as Larissa's--that bowl is really something. And I love the blue of her scarf, too. I'll have to check out that forum.

    1. Great pottery gets me *every single time*!

      I'm trying very hard to get everything completed in time for the trip/show...and still hoping to find a minute to email you. ~fingers crossed~

  3. love that can find some amazing items here at HA.