Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lots of New Earrings

I've been busy making lots of earrings with the etched copper and fold-formed brass components that I've had sitting, waiting on me to make up my mind!

Some of these are going to The Woman's Exchange Shop at the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  The others will be listed on Etsy.

Floral Etched Copper Earrings

Paisley Etched Copper Earrings

Etched Copper Earrings With Saffron Beads

Western Star Etched Copper Earrings

Paisley Etched Copper Earrings With Czech Glass Beads

Celtic Etched Copper Earrings

Copper Ladder Chain Earrings

Copper Earrings With Rosy Ear Wires

Fold-Formed Brass Earrings With Sterling Ear Wires

Fold-Formed Brass Earrings With Lampwork Beads

Fold-Formed Brass Earrings

Brass Earrings With Bronze Ear Wires

If you would like me to reserve a pair for you , please send me a convo through Etsy and I'll make a reserve listing.  Thanks!


  1. Beautiful earrings! I love the etching--something I want to try in the new year. And the chain on the 7th pair is fabulous!!!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy etching and making chain is also a lot of fun.

  2. Breathtaking collection of earrings!

  3. I love the concave pieces with the etching. Something about the inward curve makes their design seem more focused and intense. They just draw me in. Love the fold forming you're doing too. That's something I hope to try in the new year.
    You have beautiful work in both of your Etsy shops!

  4. Thanks, Barb! You've really made my day :)

    I think the more intense design may be a combination of the concave shape and the gauge of copper sheet. The more intense ones are 20 gauge while some of the others are 22 g.

    I've had fun trying fold-forming. I can't wait to make more leaves because I like making the viney necklaces but I'll leave that for spring.

    I always look forward to seeing your new work--especially the pieces that really show your locale. You capture coastal Maine so well.

  5. You already know I like this direction you've been going in with the etching, but so do some others in the groups I've shared these with on Pinterest! (I hadn't realized it, but I tend to favor the concave ones, too... but they're all beautiful.)

    1. Oh wow; thank you so much! I didn't even realize that any of them had been repinned. Fingers are crossed about the courtyard event...