Monday, November 12, 2012

Fabulous Gifts: $25 And Under

Holiday shopping need not bust your budget.  I've found some examples of great handmade presents that are all $25 and under.

How about this adorable brooch for the cat lover in your family:

white cat w/ green eyes porcelain pin by StudioByTheForest
"Winston" White Cat Brooch by Studio By The Forest

Or a lovely dragonfly print for the nature lover:

Male Common Whitetail Dragonfly Archival Print by Amber Alexander
Male Common Whitetail Dragonfly Archival Print by Amber Alexander

This t-shirt would be great for a stargazer:

constellation t-shirt by NonfictionTees
Constellation T-Shirt by Nonfiction Tees

A handmade journal has almost universal appeal:

handbound leather journal by TheOrangeWindmill
 Light Caramel Handbound Leather Journal by The Orange Windmill

This handmade stoneware dipping plate for bread would be appreciated by a baker or foodie:

oil dipping dish by Neal Pottery
Garlic Grater Oil-Dipping Dish For Bread by Neal Pottery

I love handmade cold process soaps and adore the uniquely scented soaps by Alchemic Muse.  They are prized by all the girlie-girls in my family!

loukoum handmade spa soap by Alchemic Muse
Loukoum Handmade Spa Soap by Alchemic Muse

The knitter might like to receive a skein of hand dyed sock yarn in subtle, neutral colors:

"Earl Grey" Hand Dyed 2-Ply Merino, Cashmere, Nylon Sock Yarn by Marigold Jen

Don't forget the furbabies!

stoneware dog bowl by ArtGirl56
Stoneware Dog Bowl by Artgirl 56 

catnip feline fortune cookie toys by Very Vintage
Organic Catnip Filled Feline Fortune Cookie Toys by Very Vintage

Kitschy and cutesy, these kawaii cupcake stud earrings will suit the young and young-at-heart.  Because the posts are sterling silver and embedded rather than glued, I think they would be safe for young girls who are already used to wearing earrings.

cupcake post earrings by A Jillion Pieces
Cupcake Post Earrings by A Jillion Pieces

One of the men in your life might like a new keychain:

leather latitude/longitude keychain by Gunmetal Gems
Leather Latitude/Longitude Keychain by Gunmetal Gems

The iPad Mini is going to be one of the hot gifts this season.  Why not buy a handmade cover?  This one is unisex and will suit anyone:

herringbone iPad Mini cover by Bertie's Closet
Unisex Herringbone iPad Mini Cover by Bertie's Closet

A hand painted frame is a thoughtful and appropriate gift for a child's teacher:

hand painted frame by Acire's

Hand Painted Frame by Acire's

I hear so many people say that it's too expensive to "buy handmade" and that it's less expensive to just buy gifts at the big box stores during the Black Friday weekend.  Let's all work hard to dispel that myth by supporting other sellers who make wonderful handmade items!

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