Monday, November 26, 2012

A Lot To Consider

I am growing more and more disenchanted with Etsy by the day.  Their most recent failure to even place simple Black Friday and Cyber Monday banners on the Etsy front page along with their lame statements attempting to explain their reasoning have really proven that they are not only incompetent but are, in fact, sadistic.  I have begun to believe that they are sitting around having a really good laugh at sellers' expense.  They knew from the beginning that they had no intention of advertising or promoting Black Friday or Cyber Monday, yet they have been urging everyone to prepare for the big days.  This ended up being nothing more than an exercise in futility that allowed a group of 20-somethings to enjoy seeing how high they could make sellers jump.

Via Marie Kelly:
"We won't be running a front page banner for Cyber Monday. Our Team made the decision to run promotions, off Etsy, for Cyber Monday as a way to bring new and existing shoppers to the site. For example, we're highlighting the sale in our newsletters, social media, and online ads. For those of you who have tagged your items in anticipation for "Cyber Monday", those items will have the potential to display in related search engine results such as Google."


"Jumping back in to say, thank you all for feedback. We realize, in anticipation, for large shopping days such as Cyber Monday that we need to provide better tools for site-wide sales and enhanced ways to promote them. This is something we hope to work on in the new year."

 Let's get a few things straight:
  • It's a lot of work to change our listings.  Some of us did it by hand because we've heard about how some of the third-party applications that can do it for us have crashed badly and even deleted listings.  The time spent re-tagging could have been better spent designing and creating new items for our shops.
  • I do not know a single person who has seen an Etsy ad anywhere on the internet.
  • They have made very few posts to Facebook or on Twitter and those would only reach people who already follow Etsy rather than drawing new customers
  • Tagging items does not make those items show up in Google searches.  Google only "reads" the titles and descriptions--not the tags.  The tags were for Etsy and Etsy alone.  But if there is no banner to alert potential customers that they need to add the words "black friday etsy" or "cyber monday etsy" to a search, they aren't going to know to do it!  The last time I checked, most of our customers were not professing to be mind readers.
  • Etsy says that providing enhanced ways to promote site-wide sales is something that they "hope to work on in the new year".  That is a euphemistic way of saying, "We might consider working on it when we're finished screwing with the code, crashing the site, awarding three armed sweaters, promoting our hand-picked, chosen few (free of charge), blindly ignoring resellers, and continuing to promote the asinine moustache trend."
And, as a side note, I'd like to enlighten the Etsy cheerleaders in the forum.   Just because you like to assume that other sellers have not properly tagged their items, promoted off-site, etc. doesn't make it so.  I invite anyone to check my Twitter and Pinterest accounts lest they think I've been expecting Etsy to bring me customers.  I have been promoting my shops and those of my friends for close to three straight months in anticipation of the kick-off to the holiday shopping season.  I also have ads on a popular website and another blog and posted items to Craftori and the Handmadeology Market.  I've done my part and it's Etsy's job to do simple things like display banners on the biggest shopping days of the year!

Like many, it is my goal to have my own website where I can sell my jewelry.  Many of you probably reach this blog through but both of my domain names have redirected to this blog from day one.  and  Please keep that in mind.  I intend to eventually redirect my domain names to a single selling site and let my blog remain here under the blogspot address.

I'm not sure how quickly any of this will occur but it is my goal and Etsy's newest antics have definitely brought it to the foreground.


  1. I agree, their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions were not..well, they weren't. I honestly couldn't even figure out what was going on with them and so I didn't bother. From the sounds of it I think I saved myself a good chunk of time and effort. Which is pretty ridiculous; I mean, it's not like it was a surprise. They should have been planning for it :/

    1. You *definitely* saved yourself some time. Good for you! I really can't imagine a scenario that includes me participating next year. I don't have the time to waste on it!