Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Handmade Supplies Added

My husband makes my jump rings in all the smaller sizes (up to 12 mm ID) and I make the larger ones which I cut with my jeweler's saw.  To be quite honest, we started making our jump rings because I couldn't find a source that had reasonable prices.  Now that we make our own, I know exactly what they should cost to make while still making a reasonable profit.  So, I've decided to start offering jump rings in Libellula Jewelry.  To start, I've added copper jump rings in an assortment of sizes in bags of 100.  And for those who make chainmaille or would like to get a variety of sizes for their studio, I'm happy to offer 10% off on quantities of 500 and over (a mix of sizes is fine as long as each size is at least 50 jump rings).
  • What sizes (gauges and inside diameters) do you use most frequently?
  • Do you use copper, sterling silver, bronze, brass, enameled copper?
  • Do you ever use or would you consider using 1/10 Silver-Filled jump rings?  
  • How many jump rings do you like to purchase at once?
  • Do you like to buy one size at a time or do you like multi-size packs?

5 mm ID 18G copper jump ring
Well-Tumbled and Smooth

4 mm ID 18G Copper Jump Rings
(100) 4 mm ID 18G Copper Jump Rings

I also added a multi-pack of copper and brass ear wires in a variety of shapes and colors--just for fun.  I am considering offering brass, bronze, and enameled copper ear wires. 

assorted handmade copper and brass ear wires


  1. Your rings look great, nice clean cuts! I use one size at a time, so I like mine bagged seperately. AR might be helpful for chainmaille folks, though many of them can figure it out.

    1. Thanks for compliment and the input! I'm taking notes :)

  2. I'm here to write a testimonial to the quality of your work. I make my own ear wires, but the sample you sent me (in copper) was just beautiful--and inspiring. I flatten the ends for ease of wear now, like you. :) As for jump rings, without a saw I can't maintain the clean cuts that you obviously do, so I'll be checking out your listings for the sizes that I need larger amounts in. I tend to order at least 100 per size at a time (not large at all for chaine maille folks, I guess) to reduce shipping costs, but it depends on what metal I'm using at any particular time. I would consider silver-filled for certain projects. Thanks for aiming to keep prices reasonable! And for the quality work(wo)manship!

    1. Thank you so much, Gale!

      I always tended to order lots of jump rings at a time, too. I hate paying a lot for shipping and tend to buy in bulk in order to save. I'm still taking notes and loving the input.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It makes me happy to knom that someone so far, far away from where I live wisit me!
    What lovely jewelry You make; like your earrings very much! I will follow your blog. My english is probably not correct, but I hope you understand my words! :-)
    Have a nice weekend! :-)

    1. Thank you, Britt! I really enjoy your blog. Your photos are beautiful and the translator works well enough, too :)
      I hope you have a lovely weekend, too.