Saturday, September 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Giving: Buying Handmade

With the holiday season right around the corner, many shoppers have already started planning their purchases.  Most will choose to give items that they find at their local malls and stores but others are looking to craft fairs, art markets, small boutiques, and online sellers who specialize in handmade artisan goods.  I applaud those who expend the extra effort necessary to find unique, handmade presents for their families and friends.  I think that this is even more important now than in the past due to the difficult economy and onslaught of foreign factory-made goods that do nothing to support our small businesses.

Etsy has a "buy handmade" campaign each year and redirects to Etsy.  But, that seems hypocritical considering how many fake "handmade" items are available.  So, I won't be grabbing their badge:

Etsy's Buy Handmade Pledge Badge

but will, instead, be using my own.  Look to the column on the right.

I chose the shops of people who I know make all their items by hand.  I admire their work and do not consider the links to be ads but rather a curation of sorts that is no different than creating a pin board of favorites on Pinterest.  The first eleven boxes within the badge link to shops where you will find wonderful, handmade items.  The final box, links to a Pinterest board that is loaded with handmade gift suggestions.

Unlike Etsy, this isn't a campaign during the holiday season but a badge that I intend to keep up all year long because real handmade is always in style!


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    1. Thank you! I think that we've all got to stand up for what's truly handmade because Etsy certainly won't do it.

  2. awesomw idea! I make jewels almost totally handmade, only beads aren't handmade! but from next week I will partecipate to a ceramic course, I hope to learn how to make ceramic beads too :)
    I'm so exited!!
    ciao ciao

    1. Thanks, Jò. You are going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see what you make in your class. Please be sure to blog about it with lots of photos.

      Good luck :)