Friday, July 27, 2012

Sad Day in New Orleans: Hubig's Pie Bakery Burned

Savory Simon--say it ain't so!  Unfortunately, the news is bad:  Hubig's Pies in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood in New Orleans burned to the ground early this morning.  The good news is that though the bakery was a total loss, no one was injured.

Hubig's Pies hold a special place in the hearts of southern Louisianans.  The iconic fried pies have been around since 1922 and for many, have been the go-to snack of choice ever since.  Many a late night out listening to music has ended with my husband and me heading over to Verti Marte to grab a Hubig's Pie to hold us 'til morning.  They've been my less-than-healthy breakfast a few more times than I'd like to admit, too.  But, for my husband and me, they were part of our New Orleans ritual.  Hubig's uses seasonal fruit so, it has always been fun searching the shelves to find the first blueberry pie or the first strawberry pie of the season.  We've even hung our heads in sadness when we knew a pie was the last of the season.  I've heard a few heated arguments about which pie is the best, too.  Hubig's offered a custom labeling option which we used for a party back in 2010.  Though I'm not usually prone to being overly sentimental, I saved a few empty pie wrappers to remember that day.

Hubig's Pies survived the Great Depression (though they did close their Texas locations) and they survived Katrina (the bakery was not in an area that flooded).  Residents exalted in the reopening of the bakery which happened as soon as the gas pressure was finally high enough that they could run the fryers.  It marked another small step of progress and a return of something familiar.  Like Verti Marte which burned in May 2010 and reopened in February 2011, the owners have also vowed to rebuild and I suspect, will come back better than ever. 

How Hubig's Pies Are Made 
Update:  I am saddened that Mr. Ramsey has chosen to question the goodwill of my friend who was making blown glass pie ornaments to raise money to help them rebuild.  His character is impeccable and his work is known worldwide.  This changes my opinion regarding Hubig's Pies and I will not be scrambling to purchase any when the factory is rebuilt and reopens.  

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