Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a little light reading...

Very interesting...


  1. Very interesting, indeed: "we have 100 engineers, and any single engineer can deploy code to the live site at any time. It happens about 30 times a day." He said they could do all that without blame--well, he isn't reading the forums! There are an awful lot of sellers who aren't very fond of those willy-nilly changes that affect our sales!

    1. Ah, yes...they've already rolled out one of their damage control announcements.

      My disenchantment grows with each passing day.

    2. Saw that. Too much damage to control! I know programmers must have leeway to experiment, but they generally don't do it where it's hitting somebody in the pocket. Said somebodies are likely to take a hike.

      Jewelry makers on Etsy are already a lost tribe. I think the way to go may be be some sort of collective, in the way some component-makers are setting up as group (like ceramics folks). Hmmmm?

    3. The hacker squad was at it again today. Someone is trying his/her best to win the three-armed sweater award.

      I definitely think that artists pairing up like Staci & Genea, etc. is one of the ways to be seen and make a good use of skill, tools, & materials. I've been swapping components with a couple of amazing artists who work in ceramics and porcelain and it's working out well for us. They don't want to do copper components and I don't work in ceramic or porcelain but all we needed new goodies to work with to get ready for fall and the holiday season. Works out well for all involved!

      I wish I could pair with someone else who makes metal components. Double promotion would be great!