Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Long And Winding Road

or at least the spiral copper path that seems like one has been showing up in my designs recently.  It has gotten me thinking about its origin.  I've been looking at a lot of older jewelry designs and I think that Alexander Calder's work has stuck with me--specifically his work that features spirals  Spirals are so simple and hypnotic and are found throughout nature

sundial seashell
in shells *

fractal Romanesco cauliflower
 and in vegetables *

Milky Way Galaxy
 and even in the shape of our Milky Way Galaxy.*

I think that is why spirals are symbols in so many cultures.  The spiral can represent the continuity of life, an arduous path to truth or peace, or even piety.  We can assign it any meaning that makes sense for us.  It is said that all ideas are derived from something that came before it and I think that is especially true with spirals.  We may not have realized it but our innate pull to mimic nature has tied us to tribal craftsmen around the world and through the ages.

copper spiral &  Burmese jade earrings
Copper Spirals With Burmese Jade
copper spiral earrings

Simple Copper Spiral Earrings

copper spiral, jasper, & cherry quartz earrings

Cherry Quartz & Jasper Spiral Earrings

*First three photos link to their original sources.


  1. I love spirals and appreciate your explanation and photos of spirals in nature.