Thursday, June 14, 2012

Headpin Special--Just For My Blog Readers

I know that we all make a lot of earrings and necklaces with little dingle dangles so, I'm offering a bulk buy on my ball-tipped copper headpins.
(100) 20 g 3 inch (7.6 cm) long copper headpins for $15.  That's more than 25% off my regular price.

handmade antiqued copper headpins
Antiqued With Liver of Sulphur

handmade copper headpins
Raw Copper

handmade rosy copper headpins
 Rosy Copper

Send me a convo on Etsy and I'll get your reserve listing set up! The early bird gets the worm; only five four three zero (all gone; thanks!) sets will be offered at this price. Be sure to tell me whether you want rosy, raw, or antiqued--no split sets, please.


  1. It's a good deal! One can never have too many head pins!

    1. Glad you think so and it's actually surprising how quickly I can use 100 headpins!