Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etching & Patinas

Yesterday was our first Metalsmithing Intersession class.  Intersession is a five week class that runs right up to the point that the studio space would become a bit unbearable from the heat (it's an unconditioned space).   But, we're going to accomplish a lot in those five weeks.  We're learning about etching using ferric chloride and cupric chloride.  This will be new to me because I've done all my etching electrolytically using saltwater and battery packs.  It will be interesting to see the differences in how long the methods take and the outcomes.  We'll also be exploring patinas a bit more.  So, I'm looking forward to posting some photos as we go along.

I learned about electrolytic etching from Alison Lesniak's blog.  She makes beautiful etched jewelry and I've purchased her beads for use in my own jewelry designs.

 Necklace made with one of Alison's beads

Check out her lovely shop:

My banner for my blog & the related shop is, in fact, a photo of a copper etching that my husband made.  It features a female widow skimmer.  The widow skimmer is in the family Libellulidae and Genus of dragonflies that are called Libellula.

I'll post some photos soon!

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