Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cicada Silver is Now Open

I have finally started listing items in Cicada Silver, my newest Etsy shop.  Cicada Silver features my sterling and fine silver jewelry--silversmithing and PMC work.  Stocking a shop is a slow process and it will likely take a while before I'm satisfied with the number of items that I have listed.

My shop is named to commemorate the May 2011 re-emergence of Brood XIX of the 13-year cicadas in Nashville. The cicadas had started to emerge just days before I arrived in Nashville to take my first (of many!) PMC classes with Teva Chaffin.  As a lifelong Southerner who adores most of our creepy crawly insects, this was a treat for me!  I think cicadas are beautiful insects but the wonderful sound they make functions like a calming, white noise for me.  So, naming my shop after cicadas made perfect sense to me but I know that those of you who are bug-phobic may not agree! ;)

Please check out the new shop and tell me what you think!

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