Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've Been Working On...

handmade sterling silver necklace by Cicada Silver

a necklace that took me to the edge of my abilities in bezel setting a stone.  I'm fine with rounded edges but had yet to set a stone with sharp angles.  I had to notch the corners and bevel the edges of the bezel wire from the underside in order to get the corners to meet neatly.  It reminded me of making a coping cut in woodworking.  Three out of four corners meet decently but the fourth corner is off by a tiny bit.  No one seems to notice it except me and my teacher--but he's a perfectionist like I am.  So, I'm fairly satisfied with my first attempt in setting a stone with 90º angles.

The rectangular cabochon is of an unknown stone.  The shop claimed it was turquoise--which it is *not*.  I purchased it because of the veining which sort of abstractly resembles the delta of the Mississippi River emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.  The beads are Pilot Mountain turquoise from Nevada.  All the silver is sterling excluding the fine silver bezel wire and wire used to make the hammered rectangular links.

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