Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hollygrove Market & The Parks

Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA

I go to New Orleans every Tuesday (metalsmithing class) which is rather convenient for also stopping by the Hollygrove Market for a produce box.  The market is only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Each week, the boxes feature seasonal produce grown locally (LA & MS) and are intended to be a week's worth of produce for two adults for only $25.  It's a great deal! 

tomato plants:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
This week's box included a tomato plant!
bins of fresh vegetables:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
The bins were getting low because it was almost closing time.
Swiss chard:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Beautiful, tender chard
baby turnips:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Delicious, baby turnips
vertical aeroponic farm:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Vertical Aeroponic Farm

Tuesday's Box:  (My choices are underlined)
-Turnips (Fekete Farm-Hungarian Settlement)
-Sweet Potatoes (Indian Springs Growers Co-op-MS)
-Bright Lights Chard (Monica’s Okra World-Garyville)
-Navel Oranges (A&K Citrus-Braithwaite)
-Natural Snow Peas (Fresh Picked Farms-Thibadeaux)
-Natural Kale/Arugula or Tomato Plant (HM&F Mentor Farmer/Grow Dat Youth Farm-City Park)
-Beefsteak Tomatoes (Barrilleaux Farm-Cut Off)
-Shiitake or Crimini Mushrooms (MSNP-Mississippi/Red Hill Mushroom-Independence)
-Strawberries (Johndale’s Farm- Ponchatoula)
-Popcorn Rice (Campbell Farm-Gueydan)
-Natural Herbs (Hollygrove Market & Farm Community Growers)
-Natural Microgreens (Good Food-NOLA) 

Wednesday, I went to City Park in search of birds and didn't find much of a variety--just the usual ducks, geese, and the iconic City Park mute swans.  But, it was a lovely day with weather that seemed very much like Spring had already arrived.
mute swans:  City Park, NOLA
 Mute Swans
live oaks with Spanish moss:  City Park, NOLA
Live Oaks Hanging With Spanish Moss

miniature train tracks:  City Park, NOLA
Miniature Train Tracks In Front of A Live Oak
resurrection fern blankets live oak:  City Park, NOLA
 Resurrection Fern Blankets Live Oak Trees

resurrection fern:  City Park, NOLA
Resurrection Fern
Old Bayou Metairie:  City Park, NOLA
 Old Bayou Metairie

turtles in lagoon:  City Park, NOLA
Turtles in Lagoon (Remains of Old Bayou Metairie)

peristyle:  City Park, NOLA
Peristyle--Getting A Facelift?

geese:  City Park, NOLA
Eek!  The Geese Are Coming!
(They thought they were going to get fed)

I was still in search of birds so, I continued to Audubon Park where I found beautiful Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks along with the friendly little mallards.  Bird Island (Oschner Island) and the lagoon that surrounds it, were teeming with ducks, but little else.  The variety was a little slim.
black-bellied whistling ducks:  Audubon Park, NOLA
 Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

black-bellied whistling ducks:  Audubon Park, NOLA

cypress knees at edge of lagoon:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Knees At Edge of Lagoon

cypress knees & elephant ears:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Knees & Elephant Ears

squirrel eating snack:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Eastern Gray Squirrel Munching On A Pilfered Snack
cypress tree:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Tree

mallard duck:  Audubon Park, NOLA
One Of The Many Mallards With Bird Island In Distance

preening mallards:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Preening Mallards In Foreground

pavilion:  Audubon Park, NOLA

sculpture:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Sculpture in Audubon Park

Alternate View

unidentified wildflower:  Audubon Park, NOLA
 Unidentified Wildflower

(Photos taken by my husband.  Thank you!)

I hope your day was just as beautiful!


  1. Wow, real farm food! We have been getting more sun and warmer than usual temperatures, but the closest thing to fresh produce around here is my chives that are up out of the ground about 1/2"! At least it's something. Spring is on its way!

    1. It's true! The growing season is basically year 'round which means that we always have something in season. Your chives will be tall enough to start harvesting a bit before you know it! Spring is truly early this year which has me worried about Gulf water temps and the upcoming hurricane season...