Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UPDATE: Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos

The full entrance fee has been raised! Thank you so much to all who helped Douriean. When our show/sale at school is over we'll start thinking about ways to raise money for her airfare. I'll be auctioning a pair of earrings on this blog so, stay tuned...

Douriean Fletcher of

Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos is one of my fellow classmates at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing.  She is a very talented artist who has the chance to show her work at Labo Ethnik  in Paris this June.  One of Douriean's Facebook friends "liked" a lot the photos of her work and asked her when she was going to go to Paris.  Her reply was that she would go when she was invited.  Email addresses were exchanged and her artist bio and more photos were sent and her email pal responded by sending her an application to participate in Labo Ethink Fashion Weekend.  It was at that time that she learned that she was corresponding with the creative director of the fashion show!

Douriean is trying to raise the entrance fee of $855 but has raised only $290 at the time I am writing this blog post. This would be a wonderful opportunity for Douriean and I'd like to ask everyone for their help in giving her this chance to show her beautiful work.  This is the link to her fundraising page:

I am especially making this plea to all those who are artists and understand what a fabulous opportunity this could be for her.  I'm also sending out a giant thank you to all those who help make this a reality for Douriean!

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