Friday, March 30, 2012

April Jewelry Show & Sale

New Orleans School of Metalsmithing will be having an end of term jewelry show and sale on April 14th from 7 to 10 pm at the studio which is located at 2712 Royal St.  (It's next door to Mardi Gras Zone.)  This is during the same weekend as French Quarter Fest.   Please come check out what my fellow students and I have been making this term.  We'll also have refreshments and live music.  At our December show, we had a nice variety of sweet & savory snacks, as well as wine.

Here's a preview of some of what I'll have available for purchase:

handmade jewelry by Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver

handmade jewelry by Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver

handmade jewelry by Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver

handmade jewelry by Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver

...and there are a lot more pieces to come--more earrings, several more rings with bezel set stones and two more necklaces with bezel set stones and a necklace with a bezel set ceramic cabochon.

All items can be reserved before the show; just email me if you're interested in a particular item.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UPDATE: Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos

The full entrance fee has been raised! Thank you so much to all who helped Douriean. When our show/sale at school is over we'll start thinking about ways to raise money for her airfare. I'll be auctioning a pair of earrings on this blog so, stay tuned...

Douriean Fletcher of

Douriean Fletcher of Eklektik Ekhos is one of my fellow classmates at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing.  She is a very talented artist who has the chance to show her work at Labo Ethnik  in Paris this June.  One of Douriean's Facebook friends "liked" a lot the photos of her work and asked her when she was going to go to Paris.  Her reply was that she would go when she was invited.  Email addresses were exchanged and her artist bio and more photos were sent and her email pal responded by sending her an application to participate in Labo Ethink Fashion Weekend.  It was at that time that she learned that she was corresponding with the creative director of the fashion show!

Douriean is trying to raise the entrance fee of $855 but has raised only $290 at the time I am writing this blog post. This would be a wonderful opportunity for Douriean and I'd like to ask everyone for their help in giving her this chance to show her beautiful work.  This is the link to her fundraising page:

I am especially making this plea to all those who are artists and understand what a fabulous opportunity this could be for her.  I'm also sending out a giant thank you to all those who help make this a reality for Douriean!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Congratulations To Renee of Winterville Wonders!

Renee of Winterville Wonders won the Advertising and Promotion Team Treasury Challenge #11 with her beautiful treasury:  Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Light Blue Avon Glass Pitcher and Soap Dish Set

Renee  is "an artist, jewelry maker, crafter, and collector of all things vintage."  Her shop is filled with lots of interesting vintage finds.  "New items are added frequently" so, "you never know what you will find......"  Please stop by and check out her shop!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

St Patrick's Day Photos--As Promised

I had six friends walking in the Downtown Irish Club Parade and one of those friends also walked as a Swan Wrangler for the Daughters of Lir in the Irish Channel Parade.  A great time was had by all but I'm sure there were many sore feet by the day's end.  So, behold the crazy excess that is St Patrick's Day in New Orleans:

Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Celtic Highlanders:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Men in kilts:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Frenchmen St, Faubourg Marigny, Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA
Frenchmen St

Shamrock sunglasses dog:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA
Even the dogs participated!

Irish Honeys:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Pub themed float:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA
Irish Pub Themed Float

Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Streetcar float:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

Beer tap truck:  Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA
Truck Bar (An "Only in New Orleans" moment!)

Downtown Irish Club Parade, St Patrick's Day 2012, NOLA

The other half of my beads ended up on my husband!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Extended Weekend In NOLA

Friends were walking in two St Patrick's Day parades so, it gave me a perfect excuse to have an extended weekend in New Orleans. My justification was that I'm getting lots of studio time to work on things for the April show...yep.  We'll go with that!

My husband and I drove over Friday morning, I got in some hours in the studio, and then the fun started when we headed over to NOLA Brewing Co. (New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Company).

NOLA Brewing Co.

They only have one tour once a week on Fridays at 2 pm.  With scarcity comes demand and boy, is this a popular tour!  We had been to the brewery once before for the Beers Not Bullets charity beer tasting to benefit Nathanial Zimet (chef of Boucherie) who had been shot in an attempted robbery.  The event was a total success to the point of the cavernous brewery being positively packed with people. So, we had naively hoped that the tour would afford us a better look at the facility without so many people.  That was not to be because word has gotten out (great beer, free tour, free pint during tour, you can get get the picture) and the Friday tours have become a weekly college student meet-up.  I was stunned at how many people were there just standing around, talking, and drinking their free beer.

NOLA Brewing Co.
The young guy (Buck) who explained their brewing facility and process was probably heard by 1-2% of the people present.  The others never stopped talking and didn't care.  Had they listened, they might have learned something about the brewing of beer or at least a few bits of trivia about the brewery.  So, my suggestion to those who intend to take the tour is to get right up front and listen well.  It's an interesting tour and the beer is great!  My favorites are their Irish Channel Stout, Hopitoulas IPA (a play on the street named Tchoupitoulas), and Brown Ale.

Kirk Coco:  NOLA Brewing Co.
Kirk Coco (President)

Peter Caddoo (Hopzilla):  NOLA Brewing Co.
Peter Caddoo aka Hopzilla (Brewmaster)

Taps:  NOLA Brewing Co.
 Getting A Beer At The Start 

Canning row:  NOLA Brewing Co.

New Canning Row

chocolate malt:  NOLA Brewing Co.
NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.

Kegs:  NOLA Brewing Co.

NOLA Brewing Co.
Not Bad!

old painted beer signs preserved
Old, Hand Painted Beer Signs Preserved On Building Near Brewery

St Patrick's Day photos coming soon...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hollygrove Market & The Parks

Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA

I go to New Orleans every Tuesday (metalsmithing class) which is rather convenient for also stopping by the Hollygrove Market for a produce box.  The market is only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Each week, the boxes feature seasonal produce grown locally (LA & MS) and are intended to be a week's worth of produce for two adults for only $25.  It's a great deal! 

tomato plants:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
This week's box included a tomato plant!
bins of fresh vegetables:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
The bins were getting low because it was almost closing time.
Swiss chard:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Beautiful, tender chard
baby turnips:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Delicious, baby turnips
vertical aeroponic farm:  Hollygrove Market & Farm, NOLA
Vertical Aeroponic Farm

Tuesday's Box:  (My choices are underlined)
-Turnips (Fekete Farm-Hungarian Settlement)
-Sweet Potatoes (Indian Springs Growers Co-op-MS)
-Bright Lights Chard (Monica’s Okra World-Garyville)
-Navel Oranges (A&K Citrus-Braithwaite)
-Natural Snow Peas (Fresh Picked Farms-Thibadeaux)
-Natural Kale/Arugula or Tomato Plant (HM&F Mentor Farmer/Grow Dat Youth Farm-City Park)
-Beefsteak Tomatoes (Barrilleaux Farm-Cut Off)
-Shiitake or Crimini Mushrooms (MSNP-Mississippi/Red Hill Mushroom-Independence)
-Strawberries (Johndale’s Farm- Ponchatoula)
-Popcorn Rice (Campbell Farm-Gueydan)
-Natural Herbs (Hollygrove Market & Farm Community Growers)
-Natural Microgreens (Good Food-NOLA) 

Wednesday, I went to City Park in search of birds and didn't find much of a variety--just the usual ducks, geese, and the iconic City Park mute swans.  But, it was a lovely day with weather that seemed very much like Spring had already arrived.
mute swans:  City Park, NOLA
 Mute Swans
live oaks with Spanish moss:  City Park, NOLA
Live Oaks Hanging With Spanish Moss

miniature train tracks:  City Park, NOLA
Miniature Train Tracks In Front of A Live Oak
resurrection fern blankets live oak:  City Park, NOLA
 Resurrection Fern Blankets Live Oak Trees

resurrection fern:  City Park, NOLA
Resurrection Fern
Old Bayou Metairie:  City Park, NOLA
 Old Bayou Metairie

turtles in lagoon:  City Park, NOLA
Turtles in Lagoon (Remains of Old Bayou Metairie)

peristyle:  City Park, NOLA
Peristyle--Getting A Facelift?

geese:  City Park, NOLA
Eek!  The Geese Are Coming!
(They thought they were going to get fed)

I was still in search of birds so, I continued to Audubon Park where I found beautiful Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks along with the friendly little mallards.  Bird Island (Oschner Island) and the lagoon that surrounds it, were teeming with ducks, but little else.  The variety was a little slim.
black-bellied whistling ducks:  Audubon Park, NOLA
 Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

black-bellied whistling ducks:  Audubon Park, NOLA

cypress knees at edge of lagoon:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Knees At Edge of Lagoon

cypress knees & elephant ears:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Knees & Elephant Ears

squirrel eating snack:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Eastern Gray Squirrel Munching On A Pilfered Snack
cypress tree:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Cypress Tree

mallard duck:  Audubon Park, NOLA
One Of The Many Mallards With Bird Island In Distance

preening mallards:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Preening Mallards In Foreground

pavilion:  Audubon Park, NOLA

sculpture:  Audubon Park, NOLA
Sculpture in Audubon Park

Alternate View

unidentified wildflower:  Audubon Park, NOLA
 Unidentified Wildflower

(Photos taken by my husband.  Thank you!)

I hope your day was just as beautiful!