Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Team TuTas!

Team TuTas logo banner

I was invited to join in Team TuTas efforts to raise money for breast cancer research.  The ladies of Team TuTas will be participating in the Boston Susan G. Komen 3-Day on July 27-29 2012.  They will walk 60 miles in those three days to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.  This is a cause that is especially important to me.  My aunt died from breast cancer and a friend is currently fighting the battle.  But, this would be important even if I didn't have family and friends affected by this horrible disease.  Approximately one out of eight women will develop breast cancer so, we should all be fighting for better treatments and an eventual cure.  Raising money for research is the way to do that!

Team TuTas will be hosting an auction starting on Friday:!/media/set/?set=a.342475342441725.80650.226465664042694&type=1

For my donation, I decided to make a set inspired by traditional Roma (Gypsy) coin jewelry.  The necklace is approximately 17 inches (43.2 cm) long.  I made the hammered disks from 24 gauge copper sheet so that they are lightweight but durable.  This means that the earrings are not heavy and will not tug at your earlobes.  The jump rings and clasp are made from 20 gauge copper wire and the chain is antiqued solid brass.  The headpins are 22 gauge copper and the beads are turquoise glass.  The earrings have a total length of approximately 2 3/8" (6 cm) and hang approximately 1 3/4" (4.5 cm) from the bottom of the ear wires.  The set has a retail value of $125.

hammered copper & turquoise glass beads Gypsy necklace
Hammered Copper & Turquoise Glass Beads
Roma-inspired coin necklace
Antiqued Brass Chain
handmade copper clasp detail
Handmade Hammered Copper Clasp
Hammered Copper & Turquoise Glass Beads Chandelier Earrings
Hammered Copper & Turquoise Glass Beads Chandelier Earrings
completely handmade excluding beads
All Handmade Excluding Beads & Headpins

I'd like to give a big thank you and a hug to Trisha Pelletier of Tallulah and Belle for inviting me to help them reach their goal of raising $32,000.  Thank you for all your hard work and have fun walking this July!

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