Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Intermediate Metalsmithing

I had my first class last night and I know I'm going to really enjoy it.  Our class is a combination of intermediate and advanced students which means that we get to learn a lot of extra information.  The advanced students are learning how to make tools for repoussé and getting to work with ferrous metals and the big oxy-acetylene set-up in the process.  Nice!

Our first intermediate project is a cylindrical pillbox with a pressure-fit lid.  This should be a lot of fun.  Now, I have to decide how I will embellish my box.  Choices, choices...

handmade copper bead caps
Handmade Copper Bead Caps:  Sm, Med, & Lrg

I'll be listing three new sizes of copper bead caps tonight or tomorrow.  I made these from 24 gauge copper sheet.  The small bead caps are 12 mm in diameter while the medium are 17 mm, and large are 22 mm.  I've left them raw so that you can customize them.  The possibilities are endless:  Treat them with liver of sulphur, patinate them with any number of colors, enamel them, even elecrolytically etch them if you make sure to paint the underside with resist and run the wire through the hole.  You can even make your own version of squash blossom-style beads by soldering two together. 

Have fun and play!


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    1. Indeed! I hope to continue metalsmithing, PMC, and eventually lampwork bead-making classes on and on...