Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finally--A First Post

New Orleans School of Metalsmithing Dec 2011 Show

I just finished a metalsmithing class at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing.  We ended the term with a jewelry show and sale on the 17th of December and the event was a success.
New Orleans School of Metalsmithing Dec 2011 show

Lots of people attended and it wasn't just locals.  In fact, I sold a necklace to a wonderful woman who was down from New Jersey volunteering with  With that transaction, I gained not only a customer but a new friend. *Waves to Jo-Anne*
student shows jewelry to customer

I will do a few things differently at any future shows.  Not everyone had cash at the show but I managed to salvage one sale because both the buyer and I have PayPal accounts.  I definitely need a credit card reader like Square  or GoPayment  I've heard pros and cons of both and have yet to decide which I'll use.  Plus, this means I'll probably have to buy a new phone.  I like a simple phone and would rather have a card reader that is compatible with a tablet but I've yet to hear of one.  I'd love to hear about your experiences with both Square and GoPayment and please let me know if you hear of a reader that is compatible with a tablet.
customers view students' jewelry

In addition, I'll make sure that I don't forget to have a mirror on hand.  We had to make do with an antique mirror that has seen its better day but the customer was a good sport and tried her best to see if the earrings worked for her.  Apparently they did; her husband bought them for her.  I hope she is enjoying them.  Lastly, I'll make sure to dress for the occasion.  I was running late and dressed for comfort rather than beauty and ended up underdressed.

necklace made with ceramic art beads

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm getting a few items ready for my Etsy shop.  This necklace features beautiful handmade ceramic beads by Gaea Cannaday combined with faceted rondelles of jasper, yellow jade, and cherry quartz.  It's the perfect Valentine's necklace for someone who isn't into the typical red and pink or just prefers earthier colors.  I made two pairs of coordinating earrings; who doesn't like having a choice?

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